Grow email list

How to Grow Your Email List with an Amazing Website and the Best Content

I’m sure you know how important it is to grow an email list for your business. After all, the data supports it – 73% of marketers say email campaigns deliver the highest ROI of all their marketing strategies. And as a result, you’ve probably seen thousands of articles sharing different strategi […]

digital marketing budget

How to Easily Calculate Your Digital Marketing Budget for the Year

Figuring out your digital marketing budget is quite confusing, isn’t it? Of course you know you need to allocate annual marketing spend. But did you know 57% of CMOs expect their budget to increase in 2017? That’s because digital marketing and big data make attributing revenue dollars to marketing ef […]

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Converting site visitors after hours

How to Easily Convert Site Visitors to New Leads in Your Sleep

I’m sure you know the importance of website conversions to your business, but here’s a statistic that might make your head spin: 57 percent of B2B buyers begin the customer journey online? And as if that’s not enough, 52 percent of B2B decision-makers believe they will make half of their company pu […]

Customer Acquisition Cost

How to Unlock Your Customer Acquisition Cost in 5 Easy Steps

I’m sure you know by now that your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the price you pay to convert a lead into a customer. And for most companies, that’s a pretty huge expense. According to a 2017 CMO survey, businesses spend over 11% of their total budget on marketing.   That’s quite a bit on [&h […]

Agency vs. Inhouse vs. Freelance

Agency vs. In-House vs. Freelance: What are the Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing the right marketing solution for your business, I’m sure you’ve considered this question: Is it better to hire a marketing agency, freelancer or to build an in-house team? The truth is, there are pros and cons to all three options. And in this post, I’ll help you evalu […]

Map content to the customer journey

Here are the Best Ways to Map Content to Your Customer Journey

I’ll admit that at first, the idea of mapping content to your customer journey seems a bit senseless. After all, shouldn’t you aim for content to speak to all the visitors of your site? Don’t you want to market the benefits of your product or service no matter where a lead may be in the […] […]

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