paid advertising strategies

How to Make Your Paid Advertising Immediately Successful in 2017 and Beyond

I’m sure you know paid advertising can be an incredibly powerful way to grow your business. It delivers quick results such as leads and sales.  But with the paid search industry skyrocketing to $35 billion in revenue for 2016, it’s clear that most marketers – including your competitors – […]

How Digital Agencies MUST Now Be Technical and NOT Just Creative

Like all things, the marketing world changed with the influx of the digital age. Traditional agencies are no longer the only force in the marketing world. Digital Agencies are equally important or even more important. They must be technical in order to master all of the changes that technology brings. Th […]

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Free marketing tools

17 of the Best Free Marketing Tools for Your Business

I’m sure you’ll agree that using free marketing tools makes a lot more sense than the alternative: Paying for an enterprise solution and then crossing your fingers that the team actually uses it. That’s because investing in a variety of different martech tools can be so darn expensive. And so, you […]

Marketing KPIs

An Insider Guide to the Best Marketing KPIs that Measure Agency Results

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency, I’m sure you’ll agree that KPIs make a huge difference in figuring out your return on investment. But understanding exactly what you should be measuring can be pretty confusing, right? Sure, agencies often put together beautiful reports with tons of da […]

Grow email list

How to Grow Your Email List with an Amazing Website and the Best Content

I’m sure you know how important it is to grow an email list for your business. After all, the data supports it – 73% of marketers say email campaigns deliver the highest ROI of all their marketing strategies. And as a result, you’ve probably seen thousands of articles sharing different strategi […]

digital marketing budget

How to Easily Calculate Your Digital Marketing Budget for the Year

Figuring out your digital marketing budget is quite confusing, isn’t it? Of course you know you need to allocate annual marketing spend. But did you know 57% of CMOs expect their budget to increase in 2017? That’s because digital marketing and big data make attributing revenue dollars to marketing ef […]

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