Guest Blogging for SEO – How To Rank Your Site Faster

By: Amrit Ray

Let’s take a look at guest blogging best practices, and strategies we can use to find high authority blogs that accept guest posts. More importantly, let’s look at how guest blogging for SEO can propel your site to higher rankings, and at a much faster rate. Guest blogging is a great way to build links […]

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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tactics for 2019

By: Victoria Wallace

In a competitive field like real estate, taking a look ahead into the new year isn’t a bad idea, it’s required. Any efforts you make to stay ahead of the curve will be rewarded because there’s no firm guarantee that today’s tactics will still be successful in 2019. Yes, we’re still in the summer of […]

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How Much Should Companies Invest In Their Marketing Spend?

By: Shalyn Dever

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation,” said writer Milan Cundera. We spend an immense amount of time and energy on the latter while hesitating to spend money on the former. Meanwhile study after study proves that marketing leads to a larger ROI and a stronger long-term business strategy. Companies shouldn’t be afraid […]

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How to Use Facebook Pixel to Create and Re-Target Audience

By: Norman Karim

Today, most online businesses rely on Facebook advertising to generate sales and ROI. According to the latest stats, Facebook reached up to 2 billion monthly visitors, which for marketers is great news. The biggest benefit of advertising with Facebook is the opportunity you get to advertise on Instagram and Messenger as well. But when it […]

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Why Your Landing Page May Be Inviting Users to Leave

By: Alijaz Fajmut

Do you have an effective landing page on your site? Your landing page is your shop window that invites people to take a good look around, take action, and – with a bit of luck – it generates leads that bring in sales. A weak landing page, on the other hand? It invites users to […]

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How To Conduct an Image Audit

By: Michael Freeman

To those who have filed their taxes in the past, the word “audit” might not be a pleasant word.  IRS audits aren’t fun by any means …. but, they do serve a purpose. With the IRS, audits are an examination of a company or an individual’s accounts and their finances.  These are done to make sure that […]

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Point Pricing, Our New Marketing Agency Pricing Model

By: Shalyn Dever

Clients deserve to know the precise value of marketing services agencies deliver.  Traditional pricing models include commissions, fixed rates and billable hours. While there is inherently nothing wrong with any style of billing an agency and client agree on, not all are equal. At Chatter Buzz, we believe that as our technology evolves, so does […]

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Top Reasons Why Easy Checkout is an Important Mobile Commerce Tool

By: Jessica Bruce

Online shopping has its own set of benefits and challenges. When it comes to an e-commerce platform, checkout is one of the most important components. E-commerce developers put a lot of effort into testing and researching how to enhance the user experience for the portal and the interface. However, even when following mobile e-commerce best […]

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9 Effective Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Store on Instagram

By: Juliette Anderson

As one of the most prominent social media platforms these days, Instagram has a whopping 400 million active users today. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most sought out social media sites for younger people, with 90% of its users being under 35. Since it launched, it’s became a popular social media platform of […]

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