Brand Messaging

Build stronger customer relationships and retain more leads through powerful brand messaging.

Reaching Your Customers Shouldn't Be So Difficult

Do you struggle to find ways to connect with customers?

Are you losing leads because you can’t get your message across?

Are you trying to define your brand but don’t know where to start?

Reach More Customers Through Effective Brand Messaging

Your brand message represents your company. It defines who you are and how you will help your customers overcome their problems.

But, when your brand’s communication lacks a clear focus, your message becomes distorted. This causes leads to lose interest and go cold.

Luckily, a strong brand messaging strategy can change that! Not only will a powerful message help you stand out from the sea of competitors, but it will also build trust and authority.

What the Right Message Can Do For You

A specialized brand messaging strategy will help you:

  • Convert more customers
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Communicate your message
  • Convey your value proposition
  • Characterize your business

Start with a Strategy

Your brand message should be a top priority. Why? Because the way you present yourself to your customers directly affects how they will FEEL about your company!

With our specialized brand messaging strategies, you can ensure that your business communication will reflect your core values and put your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

The Key to Brand Messaging

Define Your Voice

Your voice sets the tone for every aspect of your business. Whether it’s casual or formal, the brand voice should reflect the manner of your niche market.

Prioritize Consistency

A clear and consistent message creates trust. When your business is consistent across all channels, it shows reliability and legitimacy.

Connect With Customers

Build customer loyalty through effective communication. A successful messaging strategy will forge a valuable relationship with customers.

How Does it Work

Meet with a StoryBrand Certified Guide to help you create a clear message that customers respond to. Our guides will help you clarify your company’s message so customers pay attention and respond. 

Step 1: Preliminary Questionnaire
The initial phase of our brand messaging service involves completing the preliminary questionnaire, enabling us to provide you with a concise overview of your company to initiate the strategic communication process.
Step 3: Messaging Review
In the third phase of our brand messaging service, we conduct a thorough 60-minute messaging review, providing you with the opportunity to go over the draft messaging guide and ensure seamless alignment with your brand.
Step 2: Brand Discovery Workshop
In the second step of our brand messaging process, we organize a 90-minute brand discovery workshop involving all key company stakeholders, facilitating collaboration with our certified brand guide to delve into the intricate details of your company and purpose. 
Step 4: Delivery of the Brand Messaging Guide
The fourth and final step of our brand messaging service culminates in the delivery of a comprehensive 20+ page brand messaging guide, meticulously crafted in accordance with the StoryBrand messaging framework, providing your company with a strategic and impactful communication blueprint.

Brand Messaging Guide Pricing

Messaging and Brand Script Guide

Starts at $3,000

Engage in a comprehensive messaging call lasting up to 90 minutes and a BrandScript review call for up to 45 minutes. During these sessions, we delve into the intricacies of your company, exploring its operational structure, target audience, products/services, and their alignment within the StoryBrand Marketing Framework. Whether based on your notes, recorded videos, or client briefs, we tailor our approach.

The ultimate outcome is a meticulously crafted Brand Message Guide, designed to enhance your brand communication strategy.

  • Guided by a Senior StoryBrand Guide
  • Preliminary questionnaire
  • 90 minute brand discovery workshop
  • 60 minute messaging review
  • 20 page brand messaging guide
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