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"Going through this audit saved our firm thousands & thousands of dollars from our digital ad campaigns and truly opened our eyes our own analytics data."

William Christman

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The All-In-One Audit to Improve Your Business

When you sign up for our free growth audit, you get all of the benefits of a comprehensive marketing analysis rolled into one, all-inclusive report. We’ll inspect the following areas of your business and provide an in-depth examination of the ways you can improve.

Positioning and Brand Messaging

Analytics Tracking

Search Engine Optimization


Websites, Landing Pages, or Funnels

Online Advertising

Sales Enablement

Marketing Automation and Nurturing


Content Quality

How a Growth Audit Can Enhance Your Business

It’s quite simple really – a Growth Audit will clarify the best areas to spend your money and your time. With a detailed playbook based on a data-driven ROI strategy, you will get the foundation you need for profitable marketing experimentation and optimization.

  • Defends against wasted time and resources
  • Highlights the highest priority actions needed
  • Increases the chance of successful strategy and ROI

How It Works

On your free phone consultation, we will:

  • Define your target market and analyze your customers' buying habits
  • Audit your marketing and sales processes to identify funnel leaks and growth obstacles
  • Determine your goals, pinpoint challenges and bottlenecks, identify priority channels, analyze campaigns, discuss content, and outline roles & responsibilities
  • Get you the required access to the marketing technology you need

Analyze Your Efforts

In order to ensure your audit is fully applicable to you, we will need to gather some basic information about your company. This ranges from your current business analytics to any active digital campaigns.

During this phase, our audit will identify any obstacles that currently hurt your lead conversion rate. We will also evaluate the benchmark performance of your website based on the industry standards or your competitors.

Start with a Strategy

Within 2-3 days, our team assesses your business’ digital footprint, highlights the shortcomings, bottlenecks, and leaks in their marketing and sales functions, and provides high level recommendations on what should be performed.

From finding easy wins to creating full-blown strategies, you’ll be able to put what you learned from our consultation in action. With our customized digital marketing strategy, you will get the precise plan you need to see real results for your business.

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