Why Chatterbuzz?

We've simplified the process of hiring exceptional marketers and leaders. Why invest in an in-house hire or freelancer when you can access an entire senior team for a lower cost than hiring 1 FTE ?

See How We Compare

Time to Hire the Best Talent
Highly Vetted Marketers
Account Managers
Service Cost
Training Cost
Overhead Cost (Taxes, Benefits)
Only Bills for the Work Completed
Failure Rate
Long-Term Commitment
Termination Fees
Full Transparency
Technical Expertise
Quality Assurance Check
Availability & Response Time
3-5 days
Work with Strategists Directly
Very Low
Other Agencies
7-14 days
1 Year
In-House Hire
2-4 months
Online Freelance Platform
3-4 weeks
Very High

Proven and Vetted

Our talent team only hires and recruits the best marketers, business leaders, and technologists to be part of our team. They have fantastic experience, proven expertise, and excellent communication.

More Affordable than Hiring In-House

Why risk the success of your business with a freelancer, employee, or contractor. Work with an entire team of SENIOR industry experts for less than the cost of 1 FTE. Say ‘goodbye’ to the HR strains and risks of building a team.

Transparent Engagement and Pricing

We won’t sign you up for an ambiguous or long-term contract, we work month-to-month. We can work on a one-time project or retainer with three simple engagement types: 10, 20, or 40 hours per week.

Personal Support

You’ll partner with a project manager who will work with you throughout our engagement. They will be your best friend to make sure that all our work is delivered on time, within your expectations, and driving results. They will send weekly campaign updates and keep you focused along with our team. The best part, you do not pay or get billed for their time on your account.

The Value We Provide

We’re a team of A-players who aim to be a partner in your business success, not just another vendor.

Any Engagement

One-off projects, a-la-carte services, or full funnel integrate marketing – we can handle it. We help you scope the right amount so you only pay for what you need.

Any Location

Our marketers are comfortable working remotely so you always get the best person for the job no matter where you are. We are also available for on-site visits per your requirements.

Dominate Specific Channels

Test something new or improve an existing channel. We have the very best experts for Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, Email, Content Marketing, Automation Marketing, Sales Enablement, Sales Outreach and many others.

Add Marketing Leadership

Hire a CMO to manage from brand to performance marketing, or maybe a Growth Marketer to establish data-driven testing across all channels.

Build Out an Entire Team

We can help you build out an entire team of proven experts for significantly less time and money than risky full-time hires or expensive recruiters.

Provide Marketing Support Services

Marketing can’t happen without good technical support. We can help you with technical copywriting, website maintenance and development, CRM automation, and analysts to support your team.

How It Works

Our mission is to help businesses and brands grow by providing innovative and efficient integrated digital marketing through insights, ideas, and technologies.


Describe your project

What kind of marketing support do you need? What marketing tools are you using? What specific skills do you need?

Tell us about your project. Are you looking for a single-channel expert or to build out a multi-channel team? Chatter Buzz can handle it. We’ll schedule a call with you to learn more about your project and get a better understanding of your exact needs.


Customize marketing plan

Tailored to your specific requirements and objectives, we will create a personalized marketing strategy for your company.

We offer a complimentary assessment of your marketing and sales channels to gain deeper insights into your current position and your desired destination. We will then deliver our findings and suggestions either through an in-person meeting or a Zoom call.


Kick off your project

Once you approve our proposed marketing plan, we’ll be prepared to initiate the project and seamlessly integrate our team with yours. We’ll commence work and regularly update you on our progress and achievements. In the event that you’re dissatisfied with your current team, we’ll arrange a suitable replacement for you at any time.

How We Work

Take our end-to-end strategies for a 30-day test ride. See proof of our abilities before making a more permanent commitment.
Get only the services you need. We’ll make our recommendations, but ultimately, you choose.
We don’t like forceful relationships either. You determine how long you want our relationship to last.
Hire a team of experienced brand-builders for less than an in-house salary.

Awards & Recognition