Questions to Ask Clients Before Starting Any Graphic Design Project

In the world of a graphic designer, dealing with clients who don’t know what they want can be a challenge. If you find yourself struggling when receiving answers it might be because you are not asking the right questions. As we all know, client input can be extremely important for getting a better perspective on a project and the overall growth of business.

For this reason the Orlando Internet Marketing team finds this blog to be a good guideline for those who are trying to find the best method to deal with a client when it comes to communicating with them. After all, there are only so many hours in a week, and taking care of everything in a timely manner can become important. Therefore, asking the right questions and getting the right answers as soon as possible can allow for a project to be completed faster and meet the client’s expectations.

So what kind of question do you ask for brand design? Lets start from the very beginning, get to know your client!

There are so many types of questions that the client could ask and some will be essential to answer before starting the project. Some questions will concern creating a logo design and others for the general branding. No matter whether your client is a small business owner or a more developed company, these questions will be of great help.

You might need to ask more than just these questions. It just depends on the type of client and the expectations they have for the finished project.

Start by asking:

What is the purpose of this project ?
Companies looking for a complete new image or are they looking for a fresh new look. Most companies redesign their logo every 5 to 10 years. Meaning they keep the same logo, but just are looking for a more modern look.

Is there any specific color that the company uses or color that represents the business ?
Colors play an important role in design, especially in designing a logo. Color can represent the company’s values and play a part in what the company does. A surf shop is expected to have some degree of blue in their logo, as an all natural food store is expected to have green in their logo.

Does the company has a slogan or tagline?
Some companies have a tagline or a slogan. The reason they may have one varies, but it should be kept as simple as possible. This can be a memorable attribute that links your brand to the intended audience. It can tell potential costumers and current employees what you are all about.

Does the company has a philosophy that could be reflected on the design?
The company may be trying to reflect their speedy service. Therefore, adding an element that represents speed becomes important for the brand. If a company strongly values customer satisfaction, the design should clearly reflect the company’s values through the visual relation in the logo design.

Logo Sample , Logo for client , Fictional Logo

Does the client has a specific logo or idea in mind?
Half of the time clients have an idea of what kind of logo they want to use to represent their business. If the client does not have a clear idea of what they want, asking the client to describe their business becomes a great way to understand what they are looking for. Asking the client if they have done any research for sample work can also become a crucial part of the conversation.

Does the logo requires a specific image to represents the brand or what the business does?
Some brands incorporate images within their logo to give it a unique look that represent what the company does. If the company is organic and sells organic food, it is almost expected that a green leaf will appear in the logo.

Logo Sample-2

Does the client prefers the logo to be typography?
Some clients prefer to have a simpler look to their logo. They could prefer looking at a logo design made from recognizable fonts instead of creating their own unique font to match the brand.

Logo Sample-3

Should we analize competitors ?
This becomes a valuable step, as it can show you how some companies have created iconized logos from the same elements used consistently. Example: Most lawyers logos can be recognized because of the justice or law icons placed within the logo.

Where is the logo going to be used?
Not too many designers ask this question, but understanding the media it will be placed in can allow the designer to configure how small the details on the logo should be. A logo that looks great in all format sizes will be a success, while a logo that has smaller details will not work when printed in smaller formats, such as a business cards, that have to be reduced.

Now that we have the basics covered, you should have a better idea of what kinds of questions to ask before any concept is created. This does not mean that you will only ask only these questions. It all depends on your client and what it will take to accomplish the project ahead.

Victoria Wallace

Victoria is a writer, editor and the Content Manager. She loves blogging and just contributing amazing content online that can help people. She believes it can all happen one post at a time.

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