How to Write a Press Release

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News/Press Release Template

[Company Logo][DR1]                                                          [Media Contact Information]



Place a summarized introduction of the most interesting content of your release to engage the reader, grab their attention and get them excited about the information you have to offer.

Subhead – (Optional)

Not necessary, but if used make sure it complements the main headline.

Dateline – This is the location of your release in terms of city, state etc. and also the date of the release.

Body – The body of your press release should contain interesting, valuable and useful information for your reader. Think about them and what they would be interested in. If you were reading someone else’s press release, what kind of information would you be interested in knowing and in what context?

Think about covering the ‘who, what, where, when, why and how.’

Also, you may want to put the most engaging and interesting content first and work your way through the body with additional information.

Remember to make use of quotes to really drive your point across to the reader and use key words to help in search engine optimization if your release is distributed digitally.

Boilerplate – This section of your press release is where you give the readers a brief summary about your company.

[Company Contact Information][DR3]

### – This means it’s the end of the press release

(more) – This means there are more pages to the press release

 [DR1]The company logo can be placed at the top left of the press release or also at the top middle or top right.

 [DR2]This should be placed before the headline of your press release on the left, in all upper case letters.

 [DR3]The contact information is usually placed at the bottom of the press release, but could also be placed at the top.

Here is an example of a previous press release that was written for Chatter Buzz Media.


LOGO                                                    Chatter Buzz Media


An Orlando Internet marketing company, Chatter Buzz Media, Offers Free E-Book Containing 170 Web & Social Media Resources

170 Tools Ebook Cover

Orlando, Fla. — An e-book full of helpful resources for anyone who wants to utilize inbound marketing is now available for free download from Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Internet Marketing firm. This e-book directs you to other useful social media websites and programs that can optimize your inbound marketing success. This e-book explains what every site does, how it is useful and directs you straight to the URL.

Chatter Buzz has created a detailed e-book geared toward anyone interested in finding new inbound marketing tools. All the resources are on the web and are easily accessed through a URL address printed in the e-book. Each page is simple and informative. The e-book describes exactly what the site does. Then gives examples of the type of people who would normally utilize the programs. Anyone looking for new social media marketing resources should have this book.

“These helpful tools are great for small businesses,” Shalyn Dever, co-owner of Chatter Buzz Media, explained “Social media can help market a business from taking a 360 degree view of a store and putting it online to gaining new clients through any free social media site.”

The company that has created this e-book is well versed in inbound marketing. This Orlando social media company utilizes these types of websites on a daily basis. The result has been tremendous success for Chatter Buzz pushing the company up to the top of Google search results.This e-book and the websites described in it is a great resource for anyone looking for a great marketing strategy.

For additional information about Chatter Buzz Media, call 321-236-0083 or visit

About Chatter Buzz Media, LLC

Based in Orlando, Fla., Chatter Buzz Media LLC helps companies and organizations engage with the target markets that matter most to them by leveraging the power of permission-based inbound marketing via the Internet.  Founded by a senior engineer who was recruited by Google and an award-winning journalist, Chatter Buzz Media is a full-service multimedia marketing firm specializing in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content creation. The company won Social Madness, a corporate social media contest, for the Orlando small business market. For more information, visit


Distributed by Chatter Buzz Media, LLC
Orlando Internet Marketing & Public Relations Firm
1452 East Michigan Street
Orlando, FL USA 32806

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