Chatter Buzz Media Wins Award for Best Home Building Website

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Chatter Buzz Media just added a new award to its collection! Chatter Buzz Media received the 2016 Best Home Building Website in the 2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) for its work on the Domain Homes website.

“The Internet Advertising Competition welcomes all organizations and individuals involved in the process of developing all forms on Internet advertising. Ads eligible for entry must have run at some time during the period from January 1, 2015 until January 31, 2016.”

Chatter Buzz Media worked hard to create a multi-functional website that both Domain Homes and their clients found helpful. “Our client tasked us to create a user-friendly website that was both functional and helpful. Our designer used images to create a welcoming and easy to use landing page for new visitors. The scrolling images showcase the home interior and craftsmanship provided by the client. We also made the website more mobile responsive.”


“The final custom designed and programmed site allows visitors to walk through various steps of the home search. We created a  functional and helpful site that gives visitors a chance to explore the different home options, locations, and the opportunity to ask questions.”


Chatter Buzz Media is honored to receive this award and continues to work hard, be creative and produce award-winning results for its clients.

For more information about Chatter Buzz Media, please visit our website. For more information about the Internet Advertising Competition, please click here.

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