6 Quick Content Recipes You Need to Bake up and Feed Your Brand!

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We all know we need to be creating content for your brand, but what happens when content creation starts to feel like a full-time job in itself? Guess what, it shouldn’t be!

Well look no further, as we’ve cracked the code! 

The following are some quick step-by-step tools and techniques that you can use to create great content, and still have time to live a somewhat normal life.

#1 Content Calendars —

We know we SHOULD have a content calendar, but where do you start? Well, like most things, decide on the basics: 

  • How many times will you post a week? 
  • What channels? 
  • What type of content (e.g. images, video, polls, blog CTA, or thematic content such as #TBT – throw-back Thursdays.

Content-CalendarThink about your business and see if you can align days of the week with common questions, interesting facts or education that is in need from your customers.

“Monday Mournings” — gifts that get you ready for the work week

“Tuesday Testimonials” — spotlighting our favorite customers

“Wondering Wednesdays” — polling customer question(s)

“…” And so on.

Once this calendar is in place, the rest of our list will keep you with time on your hands!

#2 Adobe Spark — 

From social graphics, to videos, to awesome little websites with Adobe Spark is a easy and fast way to assemble fun visuals. So check out this great little cell phone app, it’s a one-stop-shop for cranking out social posts at work or on the run.

#3 Shoot more — Schedule more

The big push that all content creators eventually learn is that doing posts ‘one day at a time’ is both tedious and mentally exhausting. It’s like that treadmill you bought that was fun for a couple of weeks, but now has laundry draped on it. 

When you’re capturing images and videos, be sure to vary your distance, composition and lighting — and take a TON of photos! (You’re not burning film anymore). Now ‘cherry pick’ the best shots, and even though it might be the same content, sprinkle them over a long period of your content calendar.

#4 Later —

As much as we love instagram, scheduling photos has never been an enjoyable experience. Well with Later https://later.com/ you can roll out posts just like you do with any social dashboard. 

#5 Canva —

Not a designer but wished you had the scratch to pay for one? That’s ok! Head over to https://www.canva.com/ – this browser based tool is super easy to learn, and comes with a ton of “out of the box” designs that will have you looking swas’ in no time.

#6 Actionable Content —

Nothing makes any of us more peeved than finding an interesting article, only to be incessantly pitched towards a purchase or action, ending with no [real] value. 

Keep a list of the common questions you get from your customers – when you hit the same question more than ten times, you have a winner! 

Chances are you’re too busy selling your product or service to think that your customer might need more explanation than simply which card to use to buy your wonderfulness.

Repeat questions = repeat opportunity for you to be the hero simply by creating great educational articles, videos, infographics, surveys and diagrams. Remember, the more reliant a client is on your resources, the stronger their loyalty will become.

BONUS POINT! #7 — “Create once, use many.”

This is the mantra that all smart content marketers understand. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you shoot/edit a two-minute video of an educational Q&A that answers four different questions.

Returning to the edit bay to cut this two-minute video down to four 30 second clips has now functionally expanded your ability to post new content X four — from the source video. 

This will take a bit to get used to as you’ll want to put a bit more thought into how you segment content into different lengths, types and messaging.

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is an SEO Specialist for Chatter Buzz Media. Working with a team of other Digital Marketing Specialists, he delivers data-driven results in lead generation and inbound sales. Jeremy carries a background in sales, web design, web development, and digital marketing. He has worked with over 80 companies across the US attain growing success in their market.

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