5 Top Real Estate Marketing Tactics You Need in 2017

There was a time when a prominent downtown office was all a real estate agent needed to attract prospective sellers and buyers searching for their dream home.

Those days are over. With 80% of today’s homebuyers* looking for a new home online, an agent’s online presence is already the best way to close new sales.

Pretty soon, millennials and Generation Yers will account for over 50% of all new homebuyers. So, if you’re a tech savvy real estate agent, you meet them where they’re at – online.

You need a virtual office — an online presence that stands out and provides crucial information, particularly to the younger generation of first-time home buyers. Here are 5 top real estate marketing tactics you need in 2017:

1. Provide a virtual tour

Today, buyers are not driving around looking for their “perfect” neighborhood or dream home. Instead, they’re scouting Zillow.com, Trulia, or the hundreds of Facebook or Google Ads they’re being inundated with every year.

Forget about price, square footage or amenities.

The best sites provide prospective buyers with a virtual tour of the home, going from room to room to see what it has to offer.

2. Create a real estate friendly website.

There are plenty of easy to use site providers like WordPress that enable a business to create an appealing site that customers want to visit. Don’t rely entirely on the written word — provide plenty of photos and visuals.

After all, 83 percent of all home buyers* want to see pictures of properties online.

Make your site user-friendly and easy to navigate. Include text, images and stories that excite your prospects and help them build an emotional attachment with each featured listing.

Most of all, showcase why you can serve them better than the agent down the block.

Focus on your years of experience in the region. Sell your special techniques, like the way you stage a home or take photos. Or, point out your personalized approach to selling each property.

Whatever makes you stand out from the crowd, make sure your website communicates that message well.

3. Remember the iPhone users

Studies show that 52 percent of all homebuyers* have used an iPhone in their home search. Any strong real estate marketing plan uses this to their advantage by optimizing every page for their mobile buyers and sellers.

Make sure your site has been adapted for iPhones, Androids and every other mobile device. Don’t lose out on these customers with a site that can only be read on a desktop.

4. Employ social media.

While most real estate agents have their own social media site, only 9 percent* use these sites to market their listings.

This is a huge missed opportunity. Sites like Twitter and Instagram are ideal for reaching young buyers. Also, as of 2015, 47% of all internet users had a Facebook account.

These sites are free and generate heavy online traffic, so not using them is a missed opportunity for sure. Which ones are best? All of them!

Use Twitter and Facebook to keep your followers informed on new listings. But don’t stop there. Use Instagram and Youtube to give them a more in-depth view of each property.

A diversified approach will create excitement about each home and help you showcase its unique features in different ways.

5. Solidify your brand.

Why do 88 percent of first time buyers* still use an agent when buying a home? Buyers want to do business with someone they can trust.

Don’t use your website or social media presence just for your listings — create your own brand as well.

Emphasize who you are and why you stand out in the field. Use your site to demonstrate why you’re going to make the entire home buying process simple and cost-effective for buyers.

If buyers feel they can trust you, you’ve made a connection that will likely pay off handsomely in terms of future word of mouth business.

Want to understand the millennial market better? Want to know what they’re looking for and how they go about finding it?

Give Chatter Buzz Media a call.

We have experience in real estate marketing and have helped both agents and home builders nationwide with their online presence.

* Data sourced from Contactually.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com and Realtor.org


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