3 Creative Ways to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Web Copy

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Like skillful copywriting, storytelling is an underrated art in marketing.

Stories are easy to remember and retell to others. Plus, they are way more interesting to read!

So, why aren’t all copywriters trained to recognize the importance of storytelling in marketing?

In this article, you will discover why storytelling is and has been one of the most powerful copywriting tools for centuries.

Then, you will learn 3 creative ways you can use storytelling to create high-converting web copy that will keep your audience glued to your content!

Let’s get started.

Why Storytelling is an Underrated Copywriting Skill

Once upon a time, our great, great, great ancestors sat around a campfire and told thrilling stories about the creation of the earth and the creatures that inhabit it.

Fast forward a couple of thousand years and here we are, in this digital age, still telling fantastic stories… just in a different way!

Instead of singing, dancing, and conversing around a fire, we hit a like button, send a hilarious emoji, and text LOL. Every day, we pull out our smartphones, audiobooks, and TVs to absorb hours of exciting stories.

This is because humans, by nature, are storytellers! In fact, we are programmed to personify even inanimate objects and create stories around them!


The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes marketers, copywriters, and content creators make is the lack of providing a compelling story that the reader can become a part of! This leaves a lot of copy dull, uninteresting, and overlooked.

And what’s more? Even if the writer provides a decent copy but neglects a storyline, the reader will often create a story of their own in their head to make sense of the copy.

This can be dangerous because the audience can make up their own narrative and, consequently, make the wrong assumptions about the product, service, or idea you are proposing.

This is where the importance of storytelling in marketing comes into play.

3 Ways to Use Storytelling to Create Compelling Web Copy

Obviously, you don’t want your web copy to get lost in your audience’s eyes nor do you want your readers to make up their own narrative!

Luckily, you can easily learn how to become an outstanding storyteller. Here are 3 creative ways to use storytelling to capture your audience’s attention and create high-converting web copy.


1. Use Power Words to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

If you really want to pull your audience’s attention to your copy, then power words are the way to go. These extraordinary words can be used to describe any situation, concept, or idea and transform dull copy into a meaningful masterpiece!

So, what exactly are power words, and how can you use them to write compelling copy?

What are Power Words?

In simple terms, a power word is a descriptive word that can be used to persuade your audience to read your copy by triggering an emotional response.

This response, whether it is positive or negative, is one of the foundations of telling a good story.

That’s right — it’s all about the psychology of the human brain!


For instance, a word like “disastrous” or “crisis” can stir up negative thoughts of fear.

On the other hand, a word like “breathtaking” or “incredible” can prompt positive feelings of joy and excitement.

All of these power words, in turn, can cause your audience to want to read more and, when used correctly, may even make them want to take action!

Now, let’s take a look at some practical examples of how you can use power words to your advantage.

Brilliant Examples of Power Words In Action

Take a look at the heading above, “Brilliant Examples of Power Words in Action.” Did you spot the power word? If you said “brilliant,” then you are correct!

By adding the word “brilliant” to the heading, the copy is way more compelling than just saying “examples of power words.” Now, take a look at this next sentence.


“Discover the life-changing magic of storytelling and become a wizard in the captivating art of copywriting!”

In the sentence above, life-changing magic, wizard, and captivating art are all very adventurous power words and seem to jump right off the page.

Do you see how persuasive power words can add so much life to your copy? It truly is magical!

Here’s the best news: there are hundreds of power words to choose from so you can always grasp your audience’s focus and keep their eyes glued to your copy in a unique way!

2. Make Your Audience the Hero of Your Story


People naturally respond really well to storytelling. This is because humans have the unique ability to dive into their imagination and become enveloped by the narrative!

It’s no wonder people love to read fictional books and watch Marvel movies.

Speaking of Marvel, have you ever wondered why both superhero comics and movies have become SO popular in our society? Because everyone loves the hero archetype, of course!

So, what do superheroes have to do with marketing?

It’s About THEM, Not YOU

Here’s a secret: the first key to successful storytelling copywriting is to make your audience the hero of the story you’re telling.

Why? Because people need to be able to see themselves in the narrative you are telling. They need to be the center of the story!


A huge mistake many companies make is they will write web copy all about how “our company will help you!”

The focus is put on the business, the product, and the service… but there is no emphasis on the actual customer.

Instead, if you make your customer the hero of the story and make it all about THEM, then they can actually picture themselves in the story and feel compelled to continue reading.

Plus, when the spotlight is placed on them instead of the company, then they will have a better understanding of how the product or service will help them on a much more personal level.

So, how do you make the audience the center of the story? It all comes down to the genius ABT method!

3. Apply the ABT Method to Strengthen Your Copy

And, but, therefore. These 3 transition words are the simple formula to create the most powerful, converting copy out there! #MindBlown


So, how can 3 words take your storytelling copywriting to the next level? Keep reading to find out.

Become the Master of Storytelling

You have a huge passion for writing AND you believe your digital marketing expertise can take businesses to the next level. BUT, your storytelling skills are lacking. THEREFORE, you can use this proven method to transform your copy and help you succeed!

Wow. Are you dying to know more about this ABT method now?

The ABT is really easy to implement once you have an understanding of your reader’s wants and desires.

For instance, you are a marketer or a copywriter AND you want to know how to use storytelling to convert more leads. BUT wait, there is a problem – you don’t have storytelling skills under your belt yet! THEREFORE, here is the perfect solution: this article.

Woohoo! See how it works?

Follow the Easy ABT Formula


Simply follow this formula to see how the ABT method can work for you.

Step 1: Set up the context of the narrative around your audience, making them the center of the story. Determine what their wants and needs are.

Now, address something your audience desires out of life. Make the first line aspirational and something your audience heavily relates to. This will be the first sentence of your story and will incorporate the “AND” statement.

Step 2: But, your audience is faced with a PROBLEM! Oh no!

Highlight the obstacle that is in the audience’s way from achieving the desire mentioned in the first sentence with the “BUT” statement.

Step 3: Luckily, your company is here to save the day. Use “THEREFORE” to provide the solution (*cough cough* your product or service) to help your audience overcome this obstacle.

It’s as simple as that! Now that you know how the ABT method works, let’s take a look at how this technique can transform the web copy on the website of a popular clothing brand, H&M.

Real-Life Marketing Example of the ABT Method in Practice

For this example, we need to take a quick trip to the H&M website. Here is a snapshot of a message this well-recognized clothing store posted on their website.

As you can clearly see, the copy completely focuses on H&M and its mission, rather than on its audience’s needs and desires. Plus, it’s very wordy and easily loses the focus of the reader.

So, how can we rewrite this using the ABT method and with a focus on the importance of storytelling in marketing?

H&M Web Copy Rewrite Using the ABT Method

First and foremost, remember to focus on the needs of the customer and make them the center of the story. Then, follow the 3-step formula.

Step 1: Insert the “AND” statement. This copy is targeting people who are concerned about the earth and want to support sustainably sourced clothing.

“You want to feel confident with the clothes you buy AND you always want to make the most informed decisions.”

Step 2: Find the obstacle and incorporate the “BUT” clause. In this case, finding a clothing company that is transparent about sustainability is the challenge.

“BUT, you never know where or how your favorite fabrics are made, leaving you unsure about just how eco-friendly and sustainable your purchases really are.”

Step 3: Fill in the awe-inspiring solution with an exciting “THEREFORE” statement – H&M’s sustainability initiative!

“THEREFORE, regain your confidence in your shopping cart with our Product Background feature. When you click on any H&M product, you can find out which materials the product is made from, which countries it was produced in, and which suppliers and factories we partnered with to make it.”

Now, add the right H1 header and your audience-focused story is golden. Check it out:


Doesn’t this catch your attention way more than the original web copy? Which one would you rather read? Case in point.

Stop Wasting Time on Dull Copy. Start Storytelling.

You want to take your audiences on a thrilling, imaginative journey that inspires them to commit to your mission and take action.

In other words, you want them to feel so seen and heard by your business that they convert as paying customers! And this is what storytelling can do for you.

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