Top Manufacturing Digital Strategies and Their Benefits

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As a manufacturer, your business requires high-value, trusted digital marketing strategies just like any other. Often, individuals forget that digital marketing is highly advantageous for manufacturing companies.

From SEO and premium content creation to crafting quality business pages on popular, trusted websites, the right manufacturing digital strategies can substantially increase your company’s credibility and footprint in your industry.

Knowing Your Audience

Customers seek highly reputable, updated, and frequently managed assets from the manufacturing companies with whom they do business. After reading and implementing the strategies in this post, you will be ready to do and be exactly that.

After all, a core tenet of conducting business today involves establishing a strong digital presence for manufacturing businesses. Let’s dive right in.

Free, High-Volume Traffic with Sound SEO Tactics

Ding ding! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a buzzword in use. In this case, it’s Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Here’s a simple encapsulation of SEO: rank on the first page of Google for key search terms in your industry through quality content and backlinks.

To demonstrate this, let’s consider a few key statistics about Google searches:

  • Over 3.5 billion searches are performed daily on Google.
  • 75% of Google users will never continue to the second page of search results or beyond.

One of your most crucial manufacturing digital strategies is the coming-together of three key aspects:

Quality content (usually a blog)

Aspects that determine quality include:

  • the length of post (1,000 words or more is apt, but short-form content is OK too)
  • valuable information that the customer can use immediately
  • well-written with subheadings every few paragraphs
  • images
  • a call to action at the end
  • Backlinks (which means other reputable sites are linking to your website, usually your blogs).
  • Consistency of content creation (as in, nearly 60% of those pages that show up in Google’s top 10 search results are three years old or older).

Include Video in Your Content for Much Higher Results

Furthermore, in today’s day and age of TikTok, Instagram stories, viral videos, video advertisements, and high-quality YouTube channels, the sooner you begin utilizing video, the better. Video editing and video in your content for your manufacturing digital strategies can help take you to the next level.

The reason for this is two-pronged:

  1. You are staying relevant and up-to-date with current day trends.
  2. The statistics on video conversion rates are staggering.

Video is a More Effective Medium

What exactly do we mean by staggering? Consider that content with video added in enjoys more backlinks and sees a 157% boost in search traffic. Backlinks, as we’ve covered, are an absolute cornerstone, a key ingredient to ranking on Google.

If that isn’t enough to inspire your manufacturing company’s marketing team to incorporate videos in your digital content, know this. Blog posts that include video see a 53x higher chance to rank on the first page of Google. Content examples include: 

  • Blog posts and articles about industry-specific knowledge
  • Answers to common questions
  • In-depth how-to’s
  • And interviews.

Monitor Your Reviews and Establish Your Business on Google, Facebook, and Yelp

Keeping up with today’s trends, there is another vital aspect of your collection of manufacturing digital strategies that deal with the integrity of your business’s reputation online: customer reviews.

To first receive customer reviews, they must have a place to leave these reviews. There are three significant ways to accomplish this with minimal up-front effort using Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

How To Set Up Your Review Strategy

First, establish or claim your business on Google. Claiming and managing your business is easy. Simply visit Google’s business page to get started.

Social Proof Digital Strategies

From there, you can now allow customers to write reviews about your business on Google. You can set the address, phone number, website, images, and operating hours of your business. Here, people searching for the goods or services you provide in your area can discover your business more easily.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Meet your customers where they are by setting up a Facebook Business page. Not only can your customers leave reviews here, but they can also like, comment, read your posts, and even engage with one another about your business.

Manage your business on Yelp

35% of people who search on Yelp will visit the website of the business they’re viewing within 24 hours of seeing it online. Set up your business account and start managing your presence on Yelp with features similar to Google. A key difference here is a heightened focus on customer comments about your business (which means more chances for you to engage with customers).

Now that you have your business pages set up and ready to go for your manufacturing company, you can employ one of the most effective digital marketing strategies: responding to customers’ reviews and comments.

Adopt the Perspective of Your Customer to Bolster Your Reputation

Put yourself in a customer mindset. 

A simple way to do this is to think back to the last time you researched a business using Google in your personal life. Perhaps you did this last week for a delivery service you were considering using, or maybe the previous month you researched supplies stories in your area to partner with for your manufacturing business’s office needs.

Marketing Calendar Strategies Chatter Buzz Orlando

Did you look at the number of 5-star reviews? Did you read the written reviews? 

Many people take note of those reviews, impacting their decision-making. 90% of respondents of an online survey conducted by Zendesk in 2019 who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said negative online reviews influenced buying decisions. 

The Power of Social Proof

Thus, there are two takeaways regarding adopting a customer perspective:

Take time to thank every customer (or as close as you can) when they respond positively in their reviews or comments. Hundreds, even thousands of people visiting your site and not posting anything, will read these responses and see your manufacturing business as someone who cares about their clientele.

Respond to the negative comments with professionalism and courtesy. Offer them an email address they can contact you to further sort out their discrepancy. Again, visitors will see that you respond swiftly and decisively, even to negative reviews or comments. It’s not easy to overstate the amount of clout this provides to your manufacturing business’s reputation.

Does Your Manufacturing Business Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

The simple answer is no. You do not need a digital marketing strategy to be successful as a manufacturing company. However, if you wish to reap the benefits that a digital marketing strategy provides, then yes, you will need to implement one.

To recap, benefits of a digital marketing strategy for your manufacturing business include:

  • Increased organic traffic and brand awareness through backlinks from other reputable sites linking to your blogs and sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp (SEO)
  • Positioning yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry through answering questions and providing high-quality information through informational blog posts and videos (content creation)
  • Establishing your brand identity and vision through consistent engagement with your customers, past, present and potential (business pages and responding to reviews)

For professional, enthusiastic, and tried-and-true digital marketing services, reach out to Chatter Buzz today. We will work with you to tailor a digital marketing strategy specific to the needs of your manufacturing business. Contact us today to speak with a representative!

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