8 Digital Marketing Tactics Guaranteed To Help Generate Leads

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Let’s set the stage: there were about 4.66 billion active internet users as of January 2020. That’s approximately 59.5% of the world’s population. And with the advancement in technology, the number of internet users is growing daily.

This increase should be good news for your business, mainly if you use digital marketing to get the word out there about your business. An effective digital marketing strategy will increase your exposure to more people worldwide and generate more leads for your business.

Surprisingly, only 61% of marketers believe that their digital marketing strategies are effective. Could you be among the unlucky 39% of businesspeople? What could you do differently to generate leads from your digital marketing strategies?

This guide outlines 8 of the best tips for your digital marketing efforts to generate leads. But before that, let’s look at the power of digital marketing. Let’s jump right in!

The Power of Digital Marketing

A few decades ago, marketing was one of the most hectic processes for a business organization. With no internet and minimal technological advancement, the only way to market your product was through posters or word of mouth. You can imagine how hard that was!

However, with the introduction of the internet and the advancement of technology, it became easier for business individuals to promote their brands and products through digital devices. Today, you can market your business through your website or on social media.

And as simple as that, you get to enjoy innumerable benefits, including:

  • Greater exposure
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • The ability to target the right audience
  • Increased leads and conversion rates
  • Increased brand visibility and credibility

Now that you know the power of digital marketing, let’s see how you can use it to generate leads for your business.

Tips for Digital Marketing Lead Generation

Advancement in technology has revolutionized how we do business, and marketers need to keep up with their prospect’s demands by building a strong, seamless lead generation system.

Here are the various ways businesses can generate leads from their digital marketing efforts:

1. Use Content Marketing

Today, 70% of marketers are already investing in content marketing – and for a reason. Research shows that content marketing delivers 3x as many leads as other marketing channels while costing 62% less money. What’s more, 47% of online consumers will view 3-5 pieces of your content before engaging with your sales representative.

Hence, if you aren’t already using content marketing to drive leads to your business, you’re missing out! In fact, content marketing should be among the first steps in your lead generation strategy.

Create content with topics that your brand or product solves. Create and share blog posts, tips, and news about your industry. Also, make an extensive guide that your audiences can download from your website. In addition to passing information about your brand, this helps collect data about people interested in your products. You can then keep them posted about your brands and products.

Also, aim to promote your content through email, social media, or SEO marketing. This will position you as a thought leader and increase your SERPs ranking, giving you high-quality leads.

2. Take Advantage of Paid Social Ads

Paid social ad spend on social media surpassed US$40 billion in 2020, with this figure expected to grow in the coming years. As such, using social media to promote your brand and products should be a no-brainer.

To acquire leads through social networking platforms, you must invest your time, efforts, and money to build an engaged audience that you can convert into leads. But, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Youtube, and even Pinterest all at your disposal, you must first determine which tool works best for your business.

Most internet users are present on Facebook, so around 92% of marketers are using it for advertising. Instagram and Twitter ads are also reliable in generating leads for your business. So whichever platform you choose for your campaign, ensure you spend enough time, effort, and money on it to increase your brand awareness.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is among the most effective ways of reaching your target audience and generating high-quality leads. It involves enhancing your website’s rankings in search results for specific phrases and keywords. Effective SEO strategy increases your site’s visibility on search engines, which is vital considering that 95% of search traffic goes to the first page of search engine results.

So, how do you use SEO to increase your discoverability and generate leads? – through keyword selection and optimization as discussed below:

  • Keyword selection: This involves choosing specific phrases and keywords that will help your site become discoverable on search engine results. You’ll need to carry out keyword research to figure out your keywords or phrases. You can brainstorm a list of the possible phrases or keywords or use free tools like Keywords Everywhere to figure the best keywords for your business. Also, note that long-tail keywords (keywords that have three or more words) are better for visibility.
  • Optimization: To boost your online visibility and generate more leads, you need to focus on several areas, including link building and on-site optimization. Link building involves having reputable backlinks for your site. On the other hand, on-site optimization involves optimizing elements on your website.

Organic search remains one of the most valuable lead generation strategies, and you should invest your time, effort, and money in it. It’s also important to update your keywords often – to better position yourself. You can benchmark keywords from competitors who are doing well in SEO and use them to rank even higher.

4. Improve User Experience

Perhaps one of the most highly overlooked aspects of digital marketing is the user experience. By this, I mean the site’s speed, design navigation, and mobile friendliness. Improving user experience through your site’s speed or ease of navigation can go a long way toward increasing the number of high-quality leads you get.

digital marketing lead generation

Research shows that 40% of consumers will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means that a slow website will reduce your lead conversions. So always look for a way to improve your site’s speed for high-quality leads.

Similarly, 80% of online consumers will leave your site due to poor on-site experience. Enhance your website’s functionality to increase the number of quality leads you receive in a day.

Lastly, a higher percentage of individuals (4.32 billion) use mobile phones to surf. Consequently, making your site mobile-friendly means that you’ll receive more prospects, increasing your leads.

5. Email Marketing

Although it’s among the oldest forms of digital marketing, email remains to be one of the most effective marketing channels in the 21st century. In fact, research indicates that emails have an estimated ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. But, how do you use emails to drive traffic to your website and generate leads?

First, you need to create an email subscriber list. This is a list of customers interested in your brand or product. You can use signup forms on various pages on your website to collect individuals’ emails. Another way would be to give out rewards or discounts in return for an email subscription.

Something like, “Register today to get 40% off your first order.”

The second thing is to segment your emails based on people’s age, gender, preferences, location, and character traits. Then create personalized emails for each group.

Third, you need to work on email automation. Create autoresponse emails to respond to people when they sign up with your brand, add items to the card, or buy products.

Fourth, sit back and watch the magic happen!

6. Leverage Social Media

Since its invention, social medial has been among the most used and effective digital marketing strategies for businesses. It provides your business with many opportunities, ranging from building relationships with clients to social selling. What’s more, social media allows you to share information about yourself and share industry-relevant news.

digital marketing lead generation

Using social media in the right way will generate high-quality leads and increase your sales. For instance, you can use Twitter hashtags to increase your online visibility and SERPs results.

Besides, you can use social media in conjunction with other forms of lead-generating campaigns. For instance, you can share content, including podcasts, articles, and blog posts on social media. You could even work with influencers to reach a broader customer base. Essentially, social media allows you to reach and engage your customers in different ways easily.

7. Videos/Visual Content

Companies need video marketing to generate leads – and this isn’t new. What has changed is the importance of videos as an advertisement tool. Today, videos have become increasingly important, with people becoming more and more visual beings. In fact, 81% of brands are using videos as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Why might you ask? Because videos play a crucial role in consumers’ purchase decisions. 90% of consumers state that videos help them in making a purchasing decision. Create industry-relevant videos and share them on YouTube or Vimeo. The short videos can also be shared via social media.

You can create how-to videos or provide product descriptions while making it fun to entertain your viewers and keep them asking for more. Provided you make exciting but relatable content, you’re sure to get followers. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to convert your followers into leads by adding a link to your site on the description box.

8. Live Chats and FAQs

Another tip to generate leads from your digital marketing is to have a Frequently Asked Questions page and Live Chat. FAQ answers questions that most customers regularly enquire about in your industry. And to increase trust and generate even more leads, it’s advisable to link your blogs to your FAQ page.

digital marketing lead generation

Usually, not all questions can be addressed via FAQ, and some are better answered on the spot. That’s why you need to have a live chat on your page. The live chat allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time, providing them with answers to their queries and addressing their pain points. With this opportunity, you have a chance to engage your clients well, help them and convert them into leads.

Use Digital Marketing to Increase Lead Generation Today!

Now that you’re in the loop on how to generate leads with digital marketing, it’s time to put your knowledge to work.

You need to create quality content, use paid ads, optimize your site, enhance user experience, email market, use social media, and use videos and live chats to get high-quality leads. Unfortunately, you may find everything overwhelming due to the technicality involved in creating all these.

Also, your busy schedule may impede your ability to implement all these strategies. And, that’s where we, Chatter Buzz Media, come in. We provide quality digital marketing services to our clients – from optimizing their websites to creating content for their blogs and social media. Contact us today for more information!

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