Chatter Buzz Recognized as a Top-Ranked PPC Marketing Agency for the Real Estate Industry

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ORLANDO – Chatter Buzz has been recognized as being among the Top-Ranked PPC companies by research firm Clutch and singled out for their strong work in delivering digital marketing solutions for the real estate and home builder industries.

Clutch, a B2B research, ratings and review platform, released its list of the SEO and PPC companies with a proven track record of success. The list was compiled based on client feedback collected and published by the business research agency based in Washington D.C.

Chatter Buzz was cited among the top PPC agencies in the field of real estate. As a full-service real estate and home builder marketing and advertising agency, Chatter Buzz has spent years helping home builders find creative ways to connect with buyers.

Why Did Clutch Focus on PPC Marketing?

Pay Per Click advertising is recognized as a critical tool for online business success today, and one of the top components of a complete and successful digital marketing campaign.

An SEO strategy, for example, requires a certain degree of patience, since it can take six months or longer to fully develop, while a successful PPC strategy can provide a business with instant visibility, even the ability to hit the top Google page in one day.

But it’s also important for companies to understand the difference between an effective PPC campaign – and one that simply wastes their money.

And some companies, particularly small business owners, have shown a tendency to underestimate the benefits of PPC, and miss out on the opportunities to grow their online businesses in a controlled way.

Together with SEO, it’s one of the main ways to target customers using search engines to find information or products to buy – something that Clutch recognized when compiling its list of the top performing PPC Agencies.

“In an increasingly digital world, SEO and PPC are critical tools to elevate your brand’s online visibility and reach a wider target audience than traditional advertising permits,” noted Sara Philibotte, business analyst at Clutch, in a press release about the list.


“We compiled a carefully vetted list of top SEO and PPC agencies informed by market research and in-depth client reviews,” Philibotte added. “If you’re searching for a partner to help you drive sales, we recommend selecting from these teams with demonstrated success and verified expertise.”


How Did Chatter Buzz Factor Into the Rankings?

On Aug. 14, Clutch released its first report highlighting the best SEO and PPC companies across a variety of industries. The companies were evaluated and ranked based on quantitative and qualitative criteria, which included:

  • client feedback;
  • market presence;
  • and their focus in different industries, service areas, and business types.

Chatter Buzz was recognized for its work on behalf of home builders and others in the real estate industry, with a focus on their paid search advertising efforts.

For years, Chatter Buzz has been using sophisticated digital marketing techniques, including SEO and PPC, to reach people searching online or on their smartphones. As a result, Chatter Buzz has been able to show home builders how to successfully use digital marketing to generate new leads, and to attract in-market home buyers to improve their long-term sales goals.

Home building is a very competitive industry, and Chatter Buzz has focused on teaching agencies the smartest digital marketing techniques, and how they can  stand out among their competitors.

Chatter Buzz has approached real estate clients with a simple concept: that their marketing strategy is their new office, and that websites, social media and blogging have transformed the way Realtors and home builders connect with audiences today.

And PPC is a cornerstone of the Chatter Buzz digital strategy. The Orlando-based agency’s PPC team has helped clients understand why they haven’t been able to find an audience or convert them into sales. The PPC team has built paid search campaigns for clients from the ground up, and they’re fully accountable for the results.

It’s also important to recognize the expertise that this team brings to the table. The members of the Chatter Buzz PPC team are:

  • Bing Ads Accredited Professionals;
  • Certified in Google Adwords;
  • Google Partners with exclusive access to Google Adwords reps and beta programs that help boost clients above where their competitors are.

That’s how the Chatter Buzz PPC and integrated teams have been able to guide businesses through a successful and effective PPC strategy and help them dedicate resources by geography and product category.

It’s also how Chatter Buzz has been able to help the home building industry increase their leads and deliver low costs per lead acquisition.

Chatter Buzz also has an In-House Partnership program that provides in-house teams with the flexibility, experience in handling multiple accounts, and cross-industry intelligence — all for the cost of hiring one additional person and with no long-term commitment.

The key benefit to the partnership program is unlimited analysis, insight and strategy to help them stay ahead of the curve when dealing with the complexities of modern PPC campaigns.



That kind of innovative digital marketing is what’s being recognized today by leading research agencies like Clutch, which connects small and medium businesses with the best-fit agencies, software, or consultants they need to tackle business challenges.

Clutch’s methodology is to compares business service providers and software in a specific market, based on criteria that includes client reviews, services offered, work quality, and market presences. Based on their research, Chatter Buzz has been identified as an industry leader.

Although it’s free to be listed on Clutch, only the top companies in each industry are recognized as leaders.

Clutch’s research is ongoing, and the agency noted that new companies and reviews are added to their site daily.

Michael Freeman

Michael is the Content Writer and Editor at Chatter Buzz. A native of Massachusetts, he has more than 20 years of experience as a print and online journalist & has as a marketing writer for more than 50+ private firms in various industries. He loves red wine and spending time with his cats.

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