The Best Twitter Analytics Tools for 2019

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The third most difficult-to-use social platform is reported to be Twitter. Since the platform’s inception, businesses and marketers alike have experienced difficulty in figuring out the best Twitter analytics tools to gauge the success of their campaigns and conquer one of the top-rated social channels.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is unique in that it gives users the ability to participate in and report what’s happening in real-time. And thanks to Twitter’s unique retweet feature, news and content spread faster there than anywhere else. 

The best way to ensure that your business is using Twitter effectively is to monitor and track your tweets, followers, and engagement. While checking your notifications every day for signs of positive traction is one way of measuring success. Using analytics tools specifically designed for Twitter will provide a much clearer picture of whether your brands’ twitter tactics are working. 

The Best Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter’s native analytics tool is a goldmine for all kinds of data that users and businesses can draw insights from. Beyond providing you with summaries of your most successful tweets, audience overviews, and conversion tracking, it’s completely free.

The analytics tool housed within Twitter helps you better plan your twitter content to resonate with your audience. Discover your audience interests, demographics, region, and even mobile footprints.

Audience Insights

Knowing the people who are actively engaging with your Twitter feed goes a long way in helping you to effectively plan campaigns and content. The audience insight tool gives you powerful data right down to consumer behavior. For companies that sell consumer goods. This provides a clear window into the types of purchases your audience is likely to buy or be interested in. 

  • Check out your own followers. See who is following you and what matters to them.
  • Preview your organic audience. These are people who interact with your Twitter content but don’t follow you. By learning more about their behaviors and habits, you can build content that speaks to them and earn more followers over time.
  • Consider all Twitter users. Get an understanding of the pulse of the platform to cater your content to what’s happening holistically. 


This powerful feature of Twitter Analytics helps you prepare for big events happening on the platform. Twitter is all about being a part of conversations that are happening right now. By preparing tweets for upcoming events, you can put your business front and center. 

  • Get an overview of globally important events happening. See the number of tweets, the total reach of the event, and total impressions. By clicking “view details” on an event, users can see even more information like concentrated regions where the particular event you’re viewing is highly discussed. 
  • Recurring trends gives you insight into popular hashtags. That you can re-use again and again in your content that remain relevant on the platform. 
  • Sports and movies have their own tabs and allow brands to get granular regarding data like location, recent tweets, and more. 

Follower Growth

Photo Courtesy: Scion Social Blog

A growing number of followers is a healthy sign that your Twitter strategy and content is resonating. Users who access the platform’s analytics tool can track follower growth over a 30-day period and also determine how many followers they’ve gained each day. 

Union Metrics  

Calculating reach, follower growth, mentions, retweets, real followers, people who follow you, trending topics, influence, tweet history, and more is no small job. Marketers know how time-consuming it can be to properly manage just one social channel, let alone several. 

A powerful, social marketing metrics tool goes beyond delivering basic data to help you more effectively respond to changes in your business landscape.

Optimize your social media with Union Metrics by:

  • Learning the best times to post 
  • Figuring out the right content mix 
  • Uncovering trends 

Analyzing what your competition is doing across social is a long-standing and acceptable way to plan, measure, and improve your own social media strategy. Applied to Twitter, it makes even more sense, as brands and people tend to be more prolific on Twitter. 

  • Keep your finger on the voice pulse of your industry. Listen to conversations that are happening, determine how they’re being talked about, and see who is doing the talking.
  • Set benchmarks to see how well you measure up against the competition. 

While this tool isn’t free, it offers three affordable price points for varying budgets. And for fans of the product who are sure whether they’re ready to make a paid investment, there are two free tools for Twitter that everyone can use. 

Twitter Snapshot Reporting

Twitter Snapshot Reporting screenshot.

Photo Courtesy: Union Metrics 

This quick, free report gives you information on influencers at a glance, let’s you search any topic or hashtag for a quick overview, and gives you their version of quick analytics. Additionally, their Twitter Assistant helps you uncover new strategies you can employ and supports your brands with increasing impressions.


For a deep dive on real relationship building and engagement on Twitter. Mentionapp helps users better visualize what’s happening across the platform. Their analytics tool conducts custom research by highlighting fake profiles from the conversations that are important to you. This cuts down on retweeting or creating content with misguided information and perspectives to your fans and followers. Users can:

  • See social engagement
  • Identify areas of strong and weak engagement 
  • Discover topical thought leadership

For companies who care a lot about security, the tool also delivers reports on digital identity threats and accounts that could put your company at risk on Twitter. The platform has a free version and a paid version for customers who require more specificity. 

If you’re trying to grow leads with a new digital marketing tactic, Twitter is a great social platform to get a handle on. Effective use means engaging with real people who care about the same things your brand or business does. By better preparing, distributing and monitoring tweets and conversations with great analytics tools, you’ll be sure to center your company in conversations that can lead to more conversions. 

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