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If you’re looking for a reliable website maintenance technical support, you’re in the right place. Chatter Buzz developers are dedicated to providing website support services to fix problems ranging from the most simple to the most complex. We’re an agency that understands your website investment needs to be protected at all times.

We also offer Managed Cloud Hosting via Google and Amazon cloud platform. With these hosting platform, you can expect your website to be up 99.999% of the time.

Wordpress Website Maintenance
Wordpress Websites


Our team of developers keeps your website functional and secure for users. Whether you’re looking to add new images, delete page copy, modify a link, embedding 3rd-party scripts, consistent backups or security patches, our website maintenance services offer what you need.

For a quick summary, here are some examples of updates included in our packages:


We shore up security holes and use the best malware monitoring tools on the web to keep your site protected 24/7


We get down to business and implement all the best practices available to get your site running like a finely tuned machine


We’ve implemented a backup solution that takes incremental backups of your data.


Let us manage your plug-in and website core updates to ensure that nothing breaks or has code conflicts

Wordpress Website Maintenance Pricing and Packages

# unique web update tickets
Updates made during normal business hours
Updates made after hours, weekends & holidays
e-Commerce websites (optional)
Uptime monitor
Detailed notes for every job
Online customer support system
Secure offsite backup (Daily)
Sucuri spam & attack security scan
Monthly CMS plugin updates / security patches
Custom coding or added functionality
Additional work hourly rate
Turn around time
Job request at a time
$179 / mo
Two (Up to 1 hour of related support time is included)
Not Included
+ $299/mo
Not Included
$135 per hour
4 business days max
1 job at a time
$249 / mo
Four (Up to 2 hours of related support time is included)
Not Included
+ $399/mo
Not Included
$125 per hour
3 business days max
1 job at a time
VIP Plan
$499 / mo
Six (Up to 3 hours of related support time is included)
Not Included
+ $499/mo
Not Included
$120 per hour
2 business days max
2 jobs at a time


Will you support more than one site?

Our monthly support plans are just for one website (1 CMS). You are welcome to sign up twice if you have two sites.

Do you offer after hours maintenance service?

Yes, we do but please contact us for a custom quote.

What CMS platform do you support?

The plans mentioned above pertains to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Shopify websites. If you have other CMS platforms such as DotNetNuke, Sitecore, Magento, etc. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Why is there a setup fee, what is that for?

For websites that we did not build, we need to take the time to asses and get familiarize with how the website was built. In most situations, we will need to take some time to fix the website before it can be fully up to date.

How long does a task take to complete?

We complete tasks within 3-5 business days, most within 3 days. Any request made after 5PM is considered the next business day request.

What specific task are not included on the maintenance service?

For reference, here are a few examples* of what you won’t find with website maintenance services:

New page designs, navigation re-design, media creation, media edits, content writing, new site functionality, site redesigns, interactive features, SEO.

Are there limits to the number of tasks I can submit?

To help make sure we can keep all of our customers happy, we handle your request one at a time. Your request shall be within the hours allocated within your plan, if we require more than, you will be informed before starting the task.

How do you bill and charge time?

We bill on a 30 minutes minimum increments for every single job request. As for maintenance billing, we bill before the month of service.

Web Maintenance Support List

Here are some tasks we can and cannot assist you with.