HubSpot Onboarding, Training, and Implementation

Train your company to take ownership of HubSpot and get the most out of your investment.

HubSpot Onboarding and Training Services

Meet with a dedicated HubSpot Certified Trainer and follow a customized weekly roadmap so you can maximize the potential of your Hubspot CRM, don’t waste time in understanding the best way to use the CRM for your business and eventually execute everything on your own. 

Marketing Hub

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to do more with tools like workflows, email, or reporting, your HubSpot expert will dive into your unique challenges and needs, guiding you through a customized training program designed to maximize results and clarify your marketing ROI.

HubSpot onboarding and training services

Sales Hub

From onboarding to advanced training for your sales reps and managers, we will create a training plan that will empower your sales team for long-term success.

HubSpot onboarding and training services

Enterprise Hub

Work directly with a trainer to develop a customized onboarding and utilization plan for your team on any Enterprise Hub.

HubSpot onboarding and training services

Our Hubspot Training Process

Meet with a dedicated HubSpot Certified Trainer and follow a customized weekly roadmap so you never rely on an agency to execute sales, marketing, or service strategies in HubSpot ever again. Our training & on-boarding program is approximately 8-12 weeks.  

Step 1: Account Setup
We’ll take you step-by-step through the setup of your account! We set up your HubSpot account, help you set up your domain, install tracking code, and make sure data is flowing into your new marketing automation system.
Step 4: Lead, Deal, and Support Automations
Our experts will streamline your automation, saving you time and money! We’ll work with you to automate your sales and marketing processes when it comes to managing how a lead enters your database when a deal is created or how a service ticket is handled.
Step 2: Technical Configurations
Now that you have your account set up and your team is starting to get familiarized with the CRM, it’s time to get your data into the portal! We will accomplish this by customizing your HubSpot instance to your company’s unique needs.
Step 5: Marketing Content and Promotion

Strong content is what drives leads to your site. Our team will help you get all of the foundational items set up so you can start publishing content as soon as possible.

Step 3: Setup Hubs
Whether you’re using the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub, or a combination, we’ll help you take advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer. You’ll be able to launch lead-capture campaigns, track your deal pipeline, and implement customer services tools.
Step 6: Reporting and Insights

Want to unlock insights that inspire marketing genius? We will ensure HubSpot is hooked up to Google Analytics, help you find dashboards and reporting, and teach you how to track KPIs needed to prove—and boost—marketing ROI.


As we continued to partner with Chatter Buzz, they helped us realize the extent of what we could achieve with inbound marketing and sales enablement tactics, powered through our HubSpot platform. We’ve now built a data-driven distribution function, with seamless integration between marketing and sales activities.”


Dr. Sandra Acosta, CEO, BioMedical Pharms Labs

When Hubspot standard onboarding just isn't enough

The Chatter Buzz advanced onboarding includes technical consulting as well as a baseline of implementation to take the basic lift of set up off of you.

  • Discover & maximize the full capabilities of HubSpot.
  • Workflow setups so you can get started faster than on your own.
  • Receive live technical consulting to help you validate various use cases.
  • Train and onboard your team with a custom training plan.
  • Develop a hit list of future things to launch.
Marketing Hub Advanced HubSpot Training and Onboarding services Approach

HubSpot Training Schedule

Hubspot On-boarding Schedule

HubSpot Onboarding and Training Services Pricing

Accelerated Training

Starts at $5,000

Enjoy expert, done-for-you configuration of your HubSpot portal, followed by tailored onboarding, customized to your business’ needs and delivered by experienced B2B marketers.

Achieve deeper sales and marketing alignment on the HubSpot platform, with seamless lead management, automated sales processes, and fully deployed productivity tools

  • Eight 30-minute training calls or four 60-minute training calls (most common) per month
  • Access to your trainer via email between meetings as well.
  • Business and requirements capture
  • Strategic alignments with your teams
  • Tailored onboarding sessions
  • Goal setting and strategy development
  • Hubspot technical account setup
  • SLA development
  • Hubspot setup consultation
  • Lead assignment automation
  • Deal and pipeline customization
  • Reporting dashboard configuration
  • Website and 3rd party tool integrations
  • Inbound lead tagging
  • Account based marketing setup
  • Data migration
  • Revenue planning and recommendations

HubSpot Onboarding and Training Services FAQs

How much does the Hubspot Training, On-boarding and Implementation Cost?

In most cases, the total cost is $5,000 per hub. You pay 50% to start, then 25% at the halfway point and 25% upon completion. The price increases depending if you need our help in migrating any data from another CRM or the number of tool integration we need to connect. Contact us to get an exact quote.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you’re able to cancel during the program.

How long does the onboarding take?

Each Hub in our Onboarding program can last between 4 - 10 weeks. You can expect weekly calls and based on which version of a hub you purchased will vary the number of calls. Onboarding Add-ons can add up to 2 weeks to your timelines. Accelerated timelines are available at no extra cost.

What do we need to provide you during the program?

We will need your HubSpot account information, your marketing or sales process, third party application information (if applicable), technical information for successful HubSpot setup, feedback during consultation calls, and approvals throughout strategy development. We estimate this 8-12 week program will require ~10 hours of your time. We take care of the rest.

Do you provide monthly Hubspot support?

Yes, we offer month-to-month commitments for services in digital marketing, website maintenance, hubspot maintenance, sales enablement, and customer experience services.

Are all training calls recorded?

Yes, if you want. We use Zoom conference during training calls.