Sodie Doces

How a Brazilian cake shop was able to expand into the U.S. and increase online orders by 400%




Branding / Custom Web Development / Campaign Planning & Development / Local SEO / Photography and Videography / Paid Search & Social Ad Advertising / Social Media Management / Data Analytics and Reporting


Sodiê Doces is one of the biggest cake stores in Brazil with 320 stores worldwide. They established two brick-and-mortar stores in Orlando but needed help to increase overall revenue and prove that their international brand can thrive in the US market. They partnered with Chatter Buzz to get their brand to resonate within the US market.

Chatter Buzz developed a visual and verbal identity, improved messaging, and a website that evokes a feeling of authenticity, trust, savor, and goodwill. After the American brand has been established, Chatter Buzz developed an e-commerce website for both store locations to give the ability for customers to not just order in person but also online via their website. A custom ordering system was developed by Chatter Buzz to calculate multiple pricing, delivery cost, order notification, and promotional options.

As for marketing, we helped the brand establish its US social media presence by posting in multiple languages, engaging content (reels, videos, etc.), monthly social media contests, and influencer promotions. The campaign was also paired with direct-response marketing via local paid search campaigns, social advertising, and local SEO.


With our mouth-watering social media posts, special giveaways, and weekly engagement we were able to improve their social media engagement by 230%. Through our comprehensive omnichannel approach we were able to increase online site traffic by 900%. With the high foot traffic on the site and our conversion-focused copy boosted online orders by 400%.

Our talented team of website developers and content strategists developed 3 custom websites in English for the U.S. audience. Built a main franchise informational site and two location e-commerce sites to enable online orders. From ensuring smooth navigation to ease of payment we made getting their delicious cake an enjoyable and seamless experience.