Lennar Homes

We pair our deep industry knowledge, creativity, and digital expertise to deliver powerful, effective strategies that build strong brands and ultimately sell homes.


Lennar Homes is one of the nation’s leading homebuilders. They construct homes in 19 states, and create communities in more than 40 of the nation’s top housing markets and metro areas.

Lennar is also the first home builder to offer a home specifically designed for multigenerational living. Known as the Home Within a Home® this model offers innovative floorplans to accommodate your family without sacrificing comfort.



Lennar Homes approached Chatter Buzz to help them use digital marketing to target an ideal market segment for the promotion of their new Tampa communities, and develop an integrated campaign to increase their sales qualified leads (SQLs). As a home builder, Lennar’s target market was not just home buyers, but individuals, families and retirees, different generations and income levels, and different lifestyle interests.



To assist Lennar, Chatter Buzz we implemented a full direct response campaign on both digital and traditional marketing. We created new campaigns every 6 weeks to target the ideal audience based on our sales goals.



A fully responsive, mobile-first site was developed using SiteCore CMS and combined with stellar website content to create a succinct and consistent story on the new website. We worked to create a simple-to-use design with an easy-to-follow informational flow. Furthermore, our team infused interactive elements such as company milestones and a calendar into the website to increase user engagement. Each page contained clear calls to action to inspire users to commit.

Additionally, a 12-month SEO strategy was developed to support the in-search traffic, which allowed consumers to find new homes by Lennar.



To increase Lennar’s traffic generation, we created email campaigns based on ongoing promotions, move-in inventories, and events. We used Lennar’s internal CRM list and email platform to send these messages along with a local consumer rental and realtor email list.

When it came to email marketing for Lennar Orlando, Chatter Buzz didn’t shy away from strong strategies that seek to improve click-thru rates and thus spearhead conversions. The division was initially very unhappy with the results of their email marketing campaigns, so the Chatter Buzz team came together and created templates, A/B testing campaigns, and closely monitored the results to adjust accordingly. This resulted in the division’s emails being recognized on the corporate “Top Emails of 2015” list, as well as exceeding their open rate and click-thru rate in the first year!


Lennar Orlando’s most effective marketing strategy is its events. For instance, hosted events within its communities has proven to be the best way to increase the volume of both Realtors and homebuyers that tour their homes. Having the opportunity to see the homes provided both parties with a chance to better familiarize themselves with Lennar’s offerings, thus increasing their likelihood of purchasing a Lennar home. To date, Chatter Buzz has marketed more than 75 events for Lennar Orlando through various media platforms, including but not limited to email marketing, digital display, brochures, flyers, posters, and more.


Driving is a task that is ingrained in Central Florida’s DNA. With expansive highways crisscrossing the area, we knew that at least a handful of those drivers would be on the market for a new home. As a result, we opted to do a series of out-of-home ads for buyers on the move. With various billboards and posters, Chatter Buzz and Lennar Orlando were able to appeal to homebuyers in a natural setting. We reminded buyers that their new home is just one exit away.


As part of Lennar’s digital campaign, paid search and digital display advertising strategies were implemented to drive lead conversions at the lowest cost possible. We laser-focused our audience by targeting only the consumers that mattered the most from certain ages, demographics, behaviors, interests, and income levels. With the right message and design, our click-through rates exceeded industry benchmarks, which drove conversions at the lowest CPL.


To extend our reach, we created traditional print advertisements in magazines and newspapers that targeted our audience of moms, retirees, and local readers. Although there’s some skepticism about the ROI potential of using print advertising, we selected publications that are proven to have a high conversion rate for our target market.


The diverse marketing campaign that Lennar underwent allowed the homebuilder to reach thousands of potential homebuyers across the country. After all, reaching consumers through multiple platforms expanded their initial reach ten-fold, and provided them with the opportunity to connect with homebuyers from all walks of life.

With the help of Chatter Buzz, Lennar was able to allocate their marketing spending on strategies that generated the most qualified leads for the division — which then decreased their overall cost per acquisition. Their digital marketing leads increased by 1,000% to where they had to hire additional internet sales consultants to address all inbound inquiries and were able to hire additional marketing team members in-house.


Increase in Organic Leads


Increase in SQL


Additional staff hired to follow up on digital leads