Our SEO-focused digital strategy increased organic website traffic by 394%




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Khameleon, a software company that specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, was looking to increase its online presence and inbound lead generation. While trying to compete with big-name competitors, the company struggled to generate online traffic with non-branded keywords. Luckily, we knew exactly what to do to overcome this problem! By analyzing Khameleon’s previous marketing efforts and the project-based dealership market, we used data-driven strategies to develop an omnichannel campaign that delivered concise and compelling content to the company’s ideal customer. Additionally, we provided real-time insights into the performance, including actionable insights to ensure all efforts aligned with their business goals.

Approach & Results

Chatter Buzz helped Khameleon develop a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Not only did we update their website to lead business to convert, but we also wrote compelling SEO content to drive traffic to their site. We also managed their Linkedin profile, increasing followers by 100%, and drove leads through outreach. Chatter Buzz supported Khameloen’s webinar by creating email marketing campaigns and running retargeting Linkedin ads.

Through Chatter Buzz’s robust and dynamic digital efforts, Khameleon saw their organic website traffic increase by 394% and a 250% increase in sales qualified, leading to conversions skyrocketing by 8600%. They were able to rank for more non-branded keywords, including the #1 position for three bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) keywords such as “office furniture software”.

Chatter Buzz in-house interactive team marries form + function through code

At Chatter Buzz, we believe in building a strong digital presence by using modular design to create dynamic content. We always consider UX/UI when coding custom sites for our clients as well as implementing conversion-focused SEO copy.