Hallmark Nameplate

New website and digital campaign increased leads by 459% in one year




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Hallmark Nameplate, a 50-year-old manufacturer of custom nameplates, wanted to improve its inbound lead generation for its national sales team. Their in-house marketing manager was leaving the company and, rather than replacing him with another full-time employee, they tapped into Chatter Buzz to bring a full team of marketing, web, and CRM experts for the same cost as hiring a new employee.

Through the use of search engine optimization, Google ads, social media management, and other social selling strategies, the Chatter Buzz team developed a solid inbound sales & marketing strategy, which revamped the company’s online website presence and copy overall. Chatter Buzz also developed educational content through articles and brochures and fully leveraged the capabilities of Hallmark Nameplate’s Hubspot CRM. 


With an entire digital marketing overhaul and well-planned advertising spend, Hallmark Nameplate completely transformed its lead generation acquisition from 100% outbound to almost a complete inbound strategy. Now, they are always on top of a search on bottom-of-the-funnel keywords, both organically and through Google ads. Despite the state of the economy, they reached their annual goals within just a few short months. Hallmark Nameplate discovered that challenging themselves and their expectations could translate into record-breaking success.

By weaving together dynamic content through modular design, Chatter Buzz created a robust digital experience where the user journey is more directed and clear. We consider all aspects of UX/UI to build custom-coded sites that delight users and drive results for clients.