How one marketing agency increased qualified leads, dramatically cut ad spend, & built a thriving omnichannel approach from the ground up


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Background & Challenge

Age Rejuvenation is a chain of clinics that offer regenerative medical treatments which allow their clients to experience more joy and vitality in their lives. When the brand approached us, its primary source of lead generation was Google ads, on which their monthly marketing budget often totaled $300,000.

Our challenge was to significantly reduce ad spend while maintaining and improving not only the volume of quality inbound leads but also the cost per lead (CPL). In other words, the pay-per-click trifecta. Another major obstacle we faced was the need for diversification of the brand’s marketing channels.


Since Age Rejuvenation relied heavily on Google ads to draw in leads, we first had to improve the quality score of their ads. We did this by optimizing for high-intent keywords, targeting formidable competitors, and employing negative keywords to filter out the WRONG traffic (after all, not ALL traffic is good traffic). When this was all said and done, we were able to decrease their cost per lead (CPL) from $250 down to $105 with superior targeting techniques and, what we’ll get into next, conversion rate optimization of their website.

  • Reduced Google Ads spend from $300k per month to $50k per month while maintaining the same number of leads per month.
  • Increased website conversion rate by 300%
  • Increased email marketing conversion and inquiries by 57%

Brand New Website with Improved UX Boost Conversion by 300%

Chatter Buzz content and analytics team used Hot Jar and Google Analytics to alter the on-page content to align with a campaign targeting from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO. This resulted in showing the user the most relevant pages that speak to what the user was looking for.