Increase your Amazon marketplace sales, revenue, and market dominance, plus reduce your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).


Our Amazon advertising PPC specialists will manage and continue to improve the performance of your Amazon sponsored ads. Our goal is get buyers from automatic, manual and social sources with high ROI and low ACoS.

Our Amazon PPC Advertising Services Includes

Sponsored Brands
Your dedicated Amazon PPC expert develops and creates Sponsored Brands — each ad promotes up to three products — that reach your target shopper as they search for relevant items on Amazon. Sponsored Brands convert at three times the rate of Google Shopping Ads.
Sponsored Product Ads
We will develop, create, and manage your Sponsored Product Ads — each ad promotes one product — that reach your target shopper as they search for relevant items on Amazon. Sponsored Product Ads offer the best sales-per-click, and we maximize those profits for you.
Product Display Ads
We will develop, create, and manage your Product Display Ads — each ad promotes one product — that reach your target shopper as they search for relevant products on Amazon, view merchandising emails from Amazon, and browse similar product listings.

Our Unique Value Proposition and Approach

Complete Transparency

At Chatter Buzz, we believe that you have a right to know what is happening in your Amazon PPC campaigns. It’s your money and your campaigns, after all.

And, since we do great work, we’ve got nothing to hide.

Not only do our clients’ Amazon PPC accounts get weekly attention, we also send weekly reports on how the campaigns are progressing and what we’ve done to improve things. That keeps you in the loop and us accountable.

With Chatter Buzz, you’ll never have to wonder about your PPC campaigns again.

Amazon PPC Agency
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Custom Data-Driven Strategies

We’ve generated more than 200% return for our clients by focusing on data-driven strategies. Our Amazon PPC specialists use calculated advertising to increase your Amazon profit margin.

In addition, we use advanced technology through a proprietary Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) advertising management platform that we utilize with clients who have at least a 90-day sales history on Amazon.

How can we help?

We maximize your over ad spend ROI. 

With our award-winning services, industry-leading tech, and hands-on approach, we will not only increase your sales on Amazon but also build your market share on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform. As you work with us, expect the following return:

Value 1: Decrease Your ACoS
Value 2: Increase Product Orders
Value 3: Improve Brand Awareness
Value 4: Grow Market Dominance
Value 5: Enhance Amazon SEO Strategy
Value 6: Reach Your Target Shopper
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Amazon PPC Advertising Management Pricing

Monthly Ad Spend
Keyword Research (Up to 30 keywords per product)
Campaign Strategy Development
Campaign Setup
Negative Keyword Research
Ad Creation
Online customer support system
Bid Adjustments
Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands (Brand Registered only), and Product Display Ads (Vendors only)
Promotion, Coupon, Lighting Deal Management
Management of both Automatic and Manual Campaigns
Quarterly Competitive Analysis
Monthly Reporting (2 hours included)
Monthly Performance Discussion
Campaign & Ad Account Setup (Month 1)
Progressive Monthly Management Cost (Month 2 and On)
20% of ad spend
Up to $15,000
$1,500/mo. or 20% of ad spend, whichever is greater
15% of ad spend
$15,001 to $50,000
$2,500/mo. or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater
12% of ad spend
$7,000/mo. or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater


How does Amazon advertising Works?

Advertising on Amazon runs on a pay-per-click model just like Google, where you only pay for the ad once someone clicks on it. The total cost varies, as you get to decide how to budget and bid on your advertising. With Sponsored Products, you set a daily budget and for Sponsored Brands, you can set a daily or lifetime budget. Everything is controllable based on what you are most comfortable with.

Do you run your campaigns automated or manual?

We mainly run all our campaigns MANUAL. We like to have full control of the campaigns and bid wisely based on the timeframe. After all, you are paying us a management fee so you will want us to control it.

Do you provide us a weekly report?

Yes, we do. We use Google Studio and pull all your Amazon data to an easy to understand dashboard. We like to be transparent and just like stocks, we want up to date data at all times. Setting up Google Studio with Amazon happens during our setup stage. Chatter Buzz pays for the connector so you this is something you don't have to worry about.

What is the average cost of Amazon ads?

On average, Amazon advertisers pay $0.81 for every click on their ad. If you’re competing for highly competitive keywords, you can expect to pay more for them. It will lead to a bidding war and drive the price up.

How often do you optimize our campaigns?

We optimize your campaigns on a daily basis especially if you have a lot of products. Remember, we are running your campaigns MANUALLY so it is important that we are always looking at it.

Do you take businesses within the same industry and region?

As a standard, we don't usually take on other clients within a vertical market within the same location or target region. It's unfair to our clients, and it ends up creating more work for us. We don't like extra work.