Maximize your ad spend and obtain qualified leads

What Are Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services ads help you cost-effectively connect with people who are searching for your services, sorted by location. These ads appear at the top of the search results, and they work like pay per click (PPC) ads, except you only pay per lead – not per click.

Potential customers are able to search for services in their area and get a list of local businesses. Then, they can book your services straight from the ad with the option to call, send a message, or visit your site.

Why Should You Use Google Local Ad Services?

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your budget on advertisements that aren’t bringing any qualified leads. Creating local advertisements guarantees you are spending money on putting your message in front of those who will be interested in your services.

With Google Local Service you can:

  • Put your message in front of those in the area
  • Build credibility with Google Guarantee
  • Only pay for leads that are interested

Chatter Buzz Google Local Ad Services Include:

Our Google Local Ad Services can help your business reach more qualified leads and boost conversions.

Voice Search Optimization
Over 20% of searches are coming from voice search, so we make sure your ads are optimized for voice search.
Custom Reporting
We continually track your campaign’s progress and give you monthly reports so you know how you are performing.
Budget Management
Our paid specialists will make sure you are maximizing your ad spend and getting the highest ROI.
Expert Advice
Our specialists are experts in Google Ads and can advise you on the best course of action for your campaigns.
Review Solicitation
We work to make sure your customers leave reviews and ratings in order to help you earn visitors’ trust.
Geographic Targeting
By setting up advanced geographic targeting, we maximize your ad spend and make sure your message is being seen by the right people.
Whole Health JC

The team at Chatterbuzz led by Shalyn is amazing. They are totally quick at responding to our questions and needs. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new website. Since our new website went live, we have had an immediate increase in interest in our services! We highly highly recommend them to design and manage your new business website because they are top-notch and will totally make you beat your competition.

Dr Jennifer Su Lucio | Whole Health JC | Jefferson City MO Gynecologist

Dr. Jennifer Su Lucio, Owner, Whole Healh JC

Get The Google Guarantee

When you join Google’s Local Services, an application for Google Guarantee is sent. In order to qualify for the badge, Google performs a background check and verifies your licenses and insurance.

So how does it work? If your customer is not satisfied with your work, Google will refund the customers the amount paid if they booked through the ad. The badge serves as a way to build credibility with your audience and make them feel more comfortable with their purchase.

Get More Qualified Leads

Using Google Local Services ads, you are able to target potential customers that want to work with your business. These leads are searching for your specific services in your area and have the intent to convert. Your business will show up at the right time, so it is easy to find you when your customers are ready to book.

Best of all, you’re only paying for the qualified leads who get in contact with you through the ad.

Create Google Local Ad Services That Convert With Chatter Buzz

We will help you get the most out of your ad budget with Google Local services ads. Our team of specialists will set up a custom campaign to maximize your ad spend and improve the quality of your leads. We aren’t the type to set it and forget it, we continuously track and update your campaigns to make improvements as needed.

We will bring our years of knowledge and experience to your campaigns so you don’t waste your money testing out theories. Our priority is the success of your business, and we will work to help you grow and save money.


What if I don’t have a Google business profile?

We will help you apply, set up, and optimize your Google business profile.

How much do google local services ads cost?

Advertisers are usually charged about $6 – 30 per lead. We will help you manage your ad spend to make sure you are not going over your budget.

Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

No. We do services a-la-carte with month-to-month contracts, which means you only pay for the services you need. But it does take several months to begin seeing results and to develop a successful strategy.

Will you help us manage any leads we get?

We will help you determine which leads are qualified and then send them to you when they are ready to convert.

Can you help us write our ads?

If you decide to hire us for our paid advertisement services, we will have our creatives write compelling copy that will engage your visitors and get them to convert.

What industries use google local services ads?

Appliance repair services
Child care
House cleaning services
Financial planning services
General contractor
Home inspector
Junk removal services
Landscaping services
Personal trainer
Pest control services
Real estate services
Tax services
and More