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95% of the analytics implementations we’ve come across here at Chatter Buzz are full with errors — from installing tracking snippets incorrectly, setting incorrect goals and conversions, including spam or duplicate traffic, to tags not firing… the list goes on. And there’s more bad news — many “professionally configured” analytics dashboards still display skewed or false data.

Luckily our data analysts and engineers who are Google Analytics certified know what to look out for. With the help of Chatter Buzz analytics experts, you’ll finally be able to trust your data.

Google Analytics Implementation Services Includes

Subdomain, Cross Domain, and Rollup Tracking
Cross-domain measurement makes it possible for Analytics to see sessions on two related sites (such as an ecommerce site and a separate shopping cart site) as a single session. This implementation also works if you have sub-domain websites. 
Campaign Tracking
Properly tracking marketing initiatives is crucial. Whether you have paid search, display, or affiliate marketing campaigns, link tagging of destination URLs will allow for Google Analytics to accurately report on the traffic you get from these sources. 
Ecommerce Tracking
Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics provides extremely powerful reporting that will not only let you know how much money you’re making, but will provide you with actionable insights on how to make more.
Goal Tracking and Goal Funnels
Whether it is lead generation, membership signup, user engagement, or an online sale, Goal Set Up and Funnel Development is key to improving your ROI. Chatter Buzz will work with you to both determine the best implementation of goal tracking to meet your business objectives.
Advanced Segmentation
A segment is a subset of your Analytics data. Segments let you isolate and analyze those subsets of data so you can examine and respond to the component trends in your business. You can also use segments as the basis for audiences.
Advanced Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting allows users to leverage all of the dimensions and metrics that are available in Google Analytics, and put them together in new, interesting, and meaningful. Reports can also be scheduled for regularly delivery via email.

Drive Your Marketing Plan With Data

Our Value

Our team is experienced in setting up and decoding Analytics, encouraging visitors to take action, optimizing sites to rank in search results and setting you up for future success.

Chatter Buzz data analysts can:

  1. Dig into often-overlooked, insightful Google Analytics reports and provide actionable recommendations to better take advantage of your current traffic and improve visitor behaviors
  2. Filter through large segments of data to provide business critical insights beyond statistics
  3. Offer top-notch Google Analytics support, guaranteeing additional value and data insight
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Google Analytics Implementation and Consulting Pricing

Google Analytics tracking setup
Google Tag Manager setup
Pixel Code web installtion
Google Ads integration (if available)
Google Search Console integration (if available)
Visitor IP filter setup
Setup of tracking goals (ie. forms, calls)
Setup of events (ie. video plays, pdf downloads, clicks)
Ecommerce setup
Enhanced Ecommerce tracking (ie. add to cart, remove from cart)
Social reporting integration
1-hour executive summary reporting teleconference
Setup of custom monthly e-mail reports
Audience segmentation
KPI discovery
Funnel setup
Funnel analysis
Visitor loyalty reporting
Visitor segment bounce rate reporting
Geo-profiling insights
Google Data Studio dashboard - based on KPIs
Landing page tracking & reporting
Campaign optimization intelligence report
Cross domain tracking
Custom Google Analytics tracking variables
Initial Service (One-Time)
Up to 3
Up to 2
Up to 1
Up to 4
Up to 4
Up to 2
Up to 6
Up to 8
Up to 4
Up to 2

Goal Event and Tracking

Anything on your website can be tracked and should be tracked. You never know when a certain site element will turn out to be a gold mine!

At Chatter Buzz, we track every interactive web element—including forms, video plays, buttons, dynamic phone numbers, pdf downloads, checkouts and just about anything else—on our clients’ sites as an analytics event. This allows us to see exactly how visitors are interacting with the site.

Putting event tracking in place allows us to define how elements contribute to the conversion process and set up site interaction goals that drive ROI.

Events Analytics Dashboard
website analytics consulting

Video and Heatmap Tracking

One great way to visualize how a visitor is interacting with a site is through click, video or heat maps. These tools provide great insight into how users respond to different aspects of your page.

By tracking how visitors interact with your site, you can learn a lot about why site elements succeed or fail. strategy, we are able to design and run tests that dramatically improve your bottom line.

That’s essential when you’re looking for specific behavior. Like when someone reaches out with a support ticket or you need to find a recording of a bug.

Detailed Reporting

Website analytics provides a lot of important information about a website. Unfortunately, filtering through your data without the right reporting setup is a painful process.

To make things easier, we setup and provide our clients with dashboards that make measuring the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns simple. Having simple and accurate data removes the emotion from the decision making process on how to best allocate your online marketing budget for the best ROI.

Web Analytics Consulting by Chatter Buzz Through Google Data Studio

Google Analytics and Implementation Services FAQ

How do I know which packages is best for me?

Here are some guidelines:

Standard - You have small website and you want to track conversions but not sell products

Ecommerce - small / medium sized online stores who sell products online and want to reduce bounce rate/increase sales

Enterprise - larger ecommerce websites (500+ products) / businesses that need custom tracking, reporting and integration

Can I just buy the one time setup and implementation but not the recurring monthly services?

Yes, you can.

Does this include a data dashboard development?

Only on the Enterprise package. If you want a dashboard built, please contact us for further pricing.

What is the payment plan?

50% up front and the remaining when the work is complete.

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