RCID Intranet

Reedy Creek Improvement District

Improved Internal Communication for a Unique Community

Intranet Development

Reedy Creek Improvement District is a governing body that oversees 25,000 acres of property in Central Florida that includes Walt Disney World. RCID is a special taxing district that is responsible for 134 miles of roadways and 67 miles of waterways that have been build and now require maintenance. The district has more than 300 employees and 2,000 vendors, suppliers and contractors that provide public services for visitors.

The Challenge

A centralized internal
communication system

Lacking a centralized internal communications home, they were in need of easy-to-use, inexpensive intranet solution that allowed for multiple departments each with multilevel leads to access and manage. With hundreds of employees and numerous departments it was important that each department have the ability to control their departmental home.

The Outcome

Easy-to-use intranet with
a familiar format

Chatter Buzz designed an entirely new, customizable intranet solution with a few bells and whistles that aligned with their corporate needs. Using a system format they were already familiar with, we developed their intranet on a foundation that resulted in an adaptable and straightforward product.

The Right Sized Solution

A unique system precisely suited for them

While several intranet solutions exist, RCID found that none of them precisely fit their organizational needs. Many were too large, increasingly expensive over time– with per user cost requirements or not flexible enough. We were able to design and develop a unique system precisely suited for their company which allows for transparent and simple team collaboration.

The Why Behind

Communication + Collaboration = Productivity

At the core of every great organization are people. And when people are able to easily communicate and collaborate efficiency and productivity greatly improve. For a growing organization like RCID, it was imperative that we considered the actual people we were designing for. With a simplistic approach, we developed an intranet that anyone can use with set-up and installation requiring less than 10 minutes.

Custom Features

We included the features that would best benefit the entire organization, regardless of employee classification. Department leaders can quickly organize, classify and store content and departmental documentation while; staff members can easily update their personal info and view team calendars. .

Empowering Productivity

Not only did we upgrade their internal communication processes but additionally, we redesigned and built an accompanying website so that both software products could work in tandem. Upon detailed discussion with RCID about how their website should function, we mapped out a more organized and cohesive content, page and menu structure.

How we work

Data + Discovery = Design Process

Data and discovery lead our design process. Through years of industry experience, continuing industry education and dedicated research, we developed a cutting edge intranet solution that is comparable to many of the most well-known intranet tools available today. Constant client communication also guides development at Chatter Buzz, as we are committed to building a solution that reflects client and company needs.


By designing a modern intranet for a growing company, we were able to help RCID streamline corporate processes including but not limited to onboarding, team collaboration and internal communication.

A long-lasting and flexible intranet tool can continue to be customized no matter the changes the company undergoes