Redesigning How Users Search for Homes.


Domain Homes defines itself as an “urban renaissance new home builder.” The company procures home sites in desirable Tampa Bay neighborhoods, including South Tampa, West Tampa, North Hyde Park, the Heights, and St. Petersburg.



Domain Homes engaged Chatter Buzz in need of a custom-designed website that could automatically pull the available lots and home inventory from their NewStar ERP - a software for the homebuilder industry. Domain Homes wanted to be able to automatically pull housing inventory in real time — similar to what real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia offer.

In addition, Domain Homes wanted us to improve their website search engine ranking and customer browsing experience, and increase their organic leads when users searched for keywords like "new homes for sale in Tampa" or "Tampa new home builder.” They also wanted to increase their digital leads.



Chatter Buzz is well aware that personalization is crucial to digital marketing success - to boost Domain Homes, we developed a custom website, API and executed new growth tactical strategies using search engine optimization with content marketing to increase tracking of their site.

We employed a multi-layered content marketing approach to acquire multiple backlinks. This included the use of infographics, blog posts, press releases, videos, and new images. In addition, we also created a lead magnet strategy to capture marketing qualified leads using exit intent pop-up on their website.



First, we had our web design team draw inspiration from mapping platforms on and These platforms gained popularity due to the personalization they provide.

Second, we identified the search fields that were most relevant to buyers, like square footage, model type, number of bedrooms and geographic area. We studied NewStar’s program and their API documentation. Then we developed a custom REST API that interfaces with NewStar API and the website CMS we built.

Because Domain Homes also facilitates land purchases, the CB team understood they needed a platform that allows buyers to search by geographic area and choose their ideal home model in order to help them close more sales.


We began by conducting extensive local long-tail keyword research into subjects related to homes for sale. Rather than focusing on keywords with lots of search volume — and lots of competition in the digital landscape, these long-tail terms targeted niche keywords. Using that research as our springboard, we started generating links and content with this in mind. 

We implemented strong local SEO tactics from building local citations, sharing content via social and website and guest blog posts. 


The CB content team also created two monthly content, geared toward consumers, that offered updates on news about housing in the Tampa Bay market. The content were also created in coordination with the SEO team to ensure they would get strong search rankings.


The result was a fully customized website with an integrated mapping platform that links local buyers with the home of their dreams, in the exact neighborhood of their choice. With the new website, time on site increased by 300%, bounce rate decreased by 50% and traffic to lead conversions increased by 400%.

Our work with Domain Homes and the creation of their mapping platform helped us win the Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for 2016. Awarded by the Web Marketing Association, Chatter Buzz was recognized for creating the “Best Home Building Website” of the year.

Our SEO efforts also placed Domain Homes on the top position of search engine for Tampa New Home Builder, South Tampa New Homes and many others.



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decrease in bounce rate