Hillsborough County Tax Collector

Redesigned website improved navigation and ensured ADA compliance




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The Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office is responsible for collecting and distributing local property, tangible, business, and tourist development taxes as well as providing motor vehicle titles and registrations, mobile home fees, road testing, and driver license issuance.

They came to us to develop a custom website to improve the layout, copy and conversion rate so people can get help asap and find what they need faster. Our goal was to make the website so user-friendly that they can reduce their custom support inquiry.


By organizing the content on their site they saw an improvement in user navigation leading to an increase in page views by 20.52%. With the improved content and navigation, their users were getting the information they need from the site rather than calling, decreasing phone support by 50% and saving them time and administration costs. While updating their site we added more search engine optimized (SEO) pages, so the individual pages were indexed by Google and users were able to find their information when searching online. As a result, they saw a 27.45% rise in new users.

Since this organization exists to benefit the public, their website needed to comply with the ADA regulations based on the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines, also known as WCAG 2.0.

While redesigning their site we focused on improving ease of use, mobile responsiveness, and navigation. Once the site was live we continued supporting the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office by hosting and maintaining their site.