GLE Scrap Metal

10x Organic Traffic through effective SEO with 542% Surge in Organic Leads


Recycling, Waste Collection


Art Direction and Creation / Custom Web Development / Campaign Planning & Development / Content Creation and Marketing / Paid Media Advertising / Social Media Management / Videography & Photography / Data Analytics and Reporting


GLE Scrap is a leading metal recycling company that performs environmentally-friendly processing and recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous metals across Florida and Michigan. Before coming to Chatter Buzz, GLE Scrap was struggling to distinguish itself in a highly competitive industry and attract more large businesses.

We orchestrated a flawless fusion of inbound marketing strategies from aggressive SEO and content marketing, social media marketing, and efficient paid media advertising to drive substantial traffic to GLE Scrap’s website. Leveraging our expertly crafted CRO-driven content and innovative website design, we seamlessly converted those leads into loyal customers.

Chatter Buzz’s team of specialists assisted in expertly managing LinkedIn and Google ads, initiating a comprehensive website overhaul, curating engaging social media posts, establishing a robust network of local citations, executing effective link-building campaigns, crafting SEO-rich blogs, creating visually captivating infographics, and efficiently managing their Google My Business account.


As a result of our dedicated marketing efforts, GLE Scrap achieved remarkable outcomes. They secured the top position in search rankings for critical keywords, including “scrap metal Orlando,” “metal recycling near me,” “scrap metal near me,” and “scrap yard.”

GLE Scrap also successfully reduced the cost per click (CPC) for LinkedIn Ads by an impressive 69%, optimizing their advertising budget. Plus they witnessed a substantial 47% surge in their LinkedIn follower base, expanding their organic social media presence significantly. Through optimizing keywords and quality scores GLE was able to see a 35% decrease in cost per lead (CPL) on their Google Ads.

With our SEO campaigns, they acquired a phenomenal 10X rise in organic traffic, ensuring a broader reach and enhanced visibility across digital platforms. Elevating their digital presence, GLE Scrap experienced a substantial 232% increase in paid media leads and a remarkable 542% surge in organic leads.

A fully responsive, mobile-first website was expertly developed, seamlessly integrating stellar content to effectively narrate a compelling story and address all potential objections.

The website was thoughtfully designed to cater to both businesses and scrappers, strategically incorporating customer testimonials and clear calls to action throughout, guiding visitors along a straightforward path to request a quote.

To enhance local SEO, location pages were created, ensuring greater visibility in relevant areas. Additionally, informative blogs were crafted to attract organic traffic and provide valuable education to visitors.

In order to attract qualified leads who truly understand how GLE Scrap can solve their industry-specific challenges, individual client pages were meticulously designed and implemented.

In order to ensure prospective customers were able to find the updated website we implemented a full inbound marketing strategy that involved, aggressive content development, SEO, google ads, and social media for several of their brands, including their scrap metal and electronic recycling companies. With such a diverse target audience we created two unique strategies for our B2B and B2C campaigns to ensure we focus on their individual pain points and truly deliver value.