Student Enrollment Outperformed Goals by 65%


Catapult Academy is an alternative high school that allows students who have dropped out of school to still receive a high school diploma from a school district, as opposed to getting a GED. It allows students at any level of learning to earn their high school diploma. The school provides support, tools, and life skills to young people to keep them on track to graduation and beyond.



Catapult Academy’s funding depends on their enrollment numbers during each academic year. The school approached Chatter Buzz to help them find ways to increase their enrollment numbers in Florida. Catapult Academy also wanted to find a way to target a specific demographic of 16 to 21-year-old students who had dropped out of school.



Given the demographics of who Catapult Academy was trying to target digitally, the Chatter Buzz team felt the best way to reach their audience and find prospective students was through social media. The team launched a social media campaign to reach potential students and persuade them to enroll at Catapult Academy.



The social media strategy spanned across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It relied heavily on personal testimonials from current and former students. To further expand our reach, a paid Facebook ad campaign was launched.

The strategy worked.


The level of engagement that Catapult received online leading up to their final enrollment date impressed the Academy leaders. They decided to continue their contract with Chatter Buzz throughout the school year, which allowed our social media team to build engagement throughout the year.

That in turn led to greater enrollment numbers the following year.


After seven months of working with Chatter Buzz, Catapult Academy’s Facebook page followers increased by 289%. Facebook page impressions increased 990% percent, and their total reach increased 412%  over the same period.

Catapult was also able to use social media to successfully target the age groups they wanted. Ages 13-17 and 18-24 were the largest groups of followers, while the locations where the followers lived matched areas Catapult Academy served.

Catapult Academy’s monthly gain of new Twitter followers increased 940 % over those same seven months.

Overall our enrollment goals for the project were met and exceeded by 65%. 


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