American Torch Tip

A leading U.S. manufacturer finds a new agency home for its brand, exceeding their KPI goals by 45%




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American Torch Tip is a US-based company with industry-leading expertise in designing and engineering state-of-the art-technology for the metal welding and cutting market. Rather than hiring an entire in-house marketing team, ATTC wanted to save costs and still have a senior marketing team to build brand awareness and increase new customer acquisition for their sales team. They hired Chatter Buzz to ensure their media strategy was optimal in a competitive market.

Chatter Buzz analyzed ATTC’s existing customer data and combined these insights with ATTC’s existing target demographic to refine its audience targeting strategy. We analyzed past media plans and conducted additional market and media research to develop a stronger integrated media plan. Chatter Buzz’s digital and linear media strategy was coupled with a comprehensive custom reporting dashboard, which provided actionable insights and real-time visualization. This allowed us to continuously deliver the best-performing media tactics and content to the right audiences and provided performance tracking against ATTC’s business goals.


Without having to invest additional ad spend from the prior year, ATTC gained a much more optimized integrated inbound marketing campaign and experienced stronger performance. This included a 36% YOY increase in call volume and over 900+ organic web form leads in one year. Organic web traffic also increased at a rate of 115% YOY, and new customer acquisitions were up 15% YOY.

Chatter Buzz in-house interactive team marries form + function through code

We consider all aspects of UX/UI as we built ATTC’s website with a fully customized 30,000 parts catalog database and easy-to-use search and filter function.