Interactive Custom Website Takes Financial Services to New Heights


Based in Orlando, Allgen Financial Advisors offers financial advice to a host of clients. Their services include highly-tailored financial planning, investments, money management, asset management, retirement planning, debt reduction, budgeting, estate planning, rollovers, legacy planning, and cash flow planning. They serve clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.



Allgen Financial wanted the Chatter Buzz team to design and create a new website that is extra-ordinary, interactive and one that would help their investment advisors find clients in need of financial planning and investment management services.

Our key services to them included Web UI/UX and Web Development.



We first studied their original website to identify areas where it could be improved. We also wanted to develop an understanding of what the client liked and didn’t like about their current site. Their website had great content, but it lacked strong visual appeal.

Next, we considered Allgen’s services and target audience. The firm strives to provide financial services to clients of all generations, and accompany them on their journey to financial freedom. Once we were able to establish who we were appealing to, the visual design of the website began to take shape.


Website Responsive Redesign: A Clean, Interactive Experience

We designed their new homepage to provide a strong visual representation of Allgen’s mission and values. This included a new, interactive image of a mountain, which was enhanced by video. This image was meant to help convey the concept of a user scrolling to the summit – an image parallel to an individual’s journey to attain financial freedom.

Now the rest of the site also features images of people from all ages and backgrounds, emphasizing Allgen’s broad client base. The clean design, easy-to-navigate layout, and interactivity have produced a website that appeals to millennials, retirees, and everyone in between.

Creative Development: Extending Across Traditional

To help elevate the brand and demonstrate all the services that Allgen Financial provides its clients, the Chatter Buzz team created a brochure that would represent all of their areas of specialty. Our design and content teams worked collaboratively to develop key messaging and graphics that would speak to their broad audience – regardless of age, background, or financial status. This piece strategically and effectively expanded Allgen’s business portfolio.


It was quickly apparent that Allgen Financial’s updated website appealed to its diverse audience because it helped the firm engage with new prospective clients almost immediately. The Chatter Buzz team paired best practices in web design with Allgen’s mission and vision to ensure they were effectively promoting a cohesive message. The end product delivered effective and visually compelling work for the client.

In addition, the website won a 2015 Best-In-Class Website in Financial Category silver W3 award. This esteemed award recognized the web development and graphic design teams for their detail-oriented work on responsive websites.


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