3B Medical

Comprehensive eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy Delivered Quality Omni-Channel Sales Conversions


Medical Device


Brand Development / Art Direction and Creation / Custom Web Development / Campaign Planning & Development / Content Creation and Marketing / Email Marketing / Paid Media Advertising / Programmatic Advertising / Social Media Management / Videography & Photography / Data Analytics and Reporting


3B Medical, a medical device manufacturer of innovative sleep and sanitation devices, hired Chatter Buzz to help create a direct-to-consumer strategy for their newly developed consumer devices.

These new consumer devices were developed by engineers, independently lab-tested, and provided superior quality compared to their biggest competitor on the market.

To successfully execute the digital strategy, Chatter Buzz took a data-driven brand-build approach that included a deep immersion into the culture, user demographic, and consumer perceptions of the products. This created an unbeatable brand image and story for the new products. Our strategy included brand meaning, positioning, and visual and verbal identity development, which was expressed in product packaging designs, an e-commerce website, multiple direct-response campaigns, and a corporate social responsibility program.


Chatter Buzz became the agency on record for 3B Medical for 5 consecutive years (2017 – 2021). Since the new consumer products were launched, the YoY company revenue surpassed its revenue expectations, even during the pandemic.

Eventually, 3B Medical was acquired in 2021 by React Health as the company was set to hit $100 million in revenue.

Lumin logo
Lumin CPAP Cleaner

"Chatter Buzz Media provided precisely the kind of digital marketing support we needed to take our business to the next level... here was no part of our marketing that they managed that didn’t produce great results for us."
- Alex Lucio, Founder

The website created for 3B Lumin captures the brand’s promise to promote health and well-being. The light blue and white color palette represents cleanliness, freshness, balance, and serenity. The photography captures peak moments of contentedness and whole-body health. The logo mark was used as a design treatment throughout the website and custom icons were created to promote the product benefits. Customer testimonials and calls to action were incorporated throughout with a simple customer path to purchase.