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For business owners, Instagram has the potential to dramatically drive traffic, sales and brand awareness. In the past 6 months, over 50 million users have joined the platform. However, business tactics for Instagram involve more than simply posting a photo every few days. Here are a few guidelines on incorporating Instagram into your social media strategy to showcase your business and engage your target audience.

Share Compelling Content

If your business is service-based rather than product-based, you may believe Instagram is not beneficial. However, Instagram is a great avenue for creating brand awareness, regardless of industry. For instance, the commercial real estate service and investment company CBRE has seen a 364.3% increase in engagement since revamping their Instagram account in March. Instead of shying away from the platform because their industry is service based, CBRE embraced Instagram. Their account has become more of a celebration of the arts, science and technology, and less of a self-promoting tool.

For companies that are product-based, Instagram offers a platform to showcase your products. Be mindful not to oversell; if every post is a photo of your product, you may annoy your followers. Balance photos that highlight your product or

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business with fun photos and videos that will interest your followers. The average number of Instagram posts by the Top 100 brands is 5.5 times per week, which should give you an indication of how often to post.

Hosting Giveaways

Instagram giveaways are a great way to gain new followers and drive traffic to your business. In order to host a successful contest you must first choose an attractive prize, one that compels your audience to enter. For the fashion industry, clothing and jewelry are great options since you can easily post photos of the prizes. Company gift cards are always a great choice as it will introduce the winner to your business. Steer clear of hosting a giveaway for a generic product, like an iPad, because while you may have many entries, they will be more interested in the iPad than your business.

Next, decide the method of entry. This can include “liking” the photo, commenting, re-posting the photo with a designated hashtag for tracking purposes or following your account to win. Choose a method that will introduce your business to as many people as possible. Once the contest is closed and the winner is announced, it’s up to you to keep the attention of all of your new followers.


An important aspect of managing this photo-sharing platform is identifying related trending and searchable hashtags, as utilizing the right hashtags can increase your reach significantly. As a business, one of the best things you can do is engage with an audience already talking about your industry or product.

First, make a list of top hashtags related to your business. Websta is a great resource for identifying keywords that people are using. Along with industry-related hashtags, you can use your own business or campaign name as a hashtag. Don’t overload your post though! Instead, use a few strong hashtags so users can find you through their Instagram searches.

Consistency & Responsiveness

As with any other social media platform it’s important to stay active. You’ll want your audience to become familiar with your brand and to do so you must continually post new and engaging content. Consistency will build your company’s credibility.

When using Instagram it is also important to communicate with and respond to your audience. Promptly reply to user questions and comments with @username so they will be notified of your response. A great thing about social media is that you can provide immediate responses to customer questions. As long as you continually engage with your audience, there’s no reason why Instagram cannot help you grow your business.

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