Optimizing Your Business Page: Facebook to the Fullest!

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It’s easy enough to create a company Facebook page, but what happens after that? How can businesses continue to engage their audience and keep them interested? This is where many a business has gone wrong. Social media is not a onetime endeavor as it requires constant interaction and updating. Through these 3 easy steps, you can maximize your Facebook presence and get the most out of your page.

  1.  Start the conversation
  2.  Expand your fan base
  3.  Analyze and optimize

It is important to know why your business is unique, who your customers are, and what your goals as a company include so that you can convey the right information to your target audience. Be conversational, personal and authentic in your posts. Share videos and photos of your business, your community and your customers on your page as well. To stay on top of the game, schedule 15 minutes into each day dedicated to Facebook and other social media or hire an employee whose sole job is to manage your company’s social media presence. Share new and exclusive content that encourages fan participation and then reward those fans with special offers, coupons and promotions. When encountering negative feedback on Facebook, be open, honest, and adaptable in business to customer dialogue.

Develop a conversational calendar that will establish a rhythm to the types of posts and their timing in order to optimize engagement with your target market. Not all posts have to be directly related to your business though, think about what your customers like and create a day of the week that you devote to that special something. Mixing it up like this can proffer beneficial results.  Build connections with your current clientele on Facebook by using your current email listings and call sheets. Also, invite friends in neighboring businesses to like your page, become your Facebook friend, and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Leverage your current market by putting the Facebook logo on your print advertising such as flyers and business cards to let customers know about your business’s online presence. Encourage visitors to like your page, partner with other companies to create co-promotions and encourage viral sharing with incentives such as contests with prizes.

Other tips to promote your Facebook page include encouraging visitors to “check in” when at your store or office, installing social plug-ins on the company website, and promoting your brand through sponsored ads and stories. Operate the tools that Facebook provides to analyze the data of page visitors and use that information to your advantage. It will tell you who you are reaching (aka what you’re doing right) and who you aren’t reaching (aka what you’re doing wrong). What matters most when it comes to Facebook for businesses, brands and organizations is directly communicating with your audience positively, listening to what they have to say and giving helpful responses along with being up to date with the informative and fun content that you share.


Written by Lauren Polhill – Lauren is a content writer for Chatter Buzz Media , an Orlando Florida Social Media Company. She is currently a sophomore at Stetson University majoring in communication studies and minoring in journalism and marketing. Lauren is an aspiring writer living in Orlando, FL.

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