How to Grow Your Email List with an Amazing Website and the Best Content

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I’m sure you know how important it is to grow an email list for your business.

After all, the data supports it – 73% of marketers say email campaigns deliver the highest ROI of all their marketing strategies.

And as a result, you’ve probably seen thousands of articles sharing different strategies to build an audience.

But the problem is, no one really answers the bigger question:

What does it take for your business to actually draw people into joining your mailing list?

If you want to learn how to grow an email list of prospects genuinely interested in hearing from your business, you’re going to love what I’ve prepared for you here:

Four factors you absolutely must have on your site to attract and grow a successful mailing list.

But before we get started…

First, You Need to Understand How Growing Your Email List Actually Helps Your Business

You’ve probably seen your fair share of exciting statistics that show the ROI of investing in email marketing.

Here’s one for example:

The Direct Marketing Association says for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’re likely to see an average return of $43.

And of course, that sounds great in theory – who wouldn’t want a 4,300% return on investment?

But what does a stat like that actually mean?

If you can deliver value to your subscribers, here’s what you’ll get in return:

  • Referrals. Whether the subscriber needs your service now or not, being top-of-mind comes in handy when their friends or colleagues are on the hunt for the services you offer and ask your subscriber for advice.
  • Free Promotion. If you share quality thought leadership, your subscribers will share that content through social media channels. That’s free promotion for your business. Here’s an example from Trello’s Twitter account:

  • Sales. Of course, the ultimate goal of email marketing is to nurture leads through the sales funnel, close more deals and boost company revenue.

So, with all the value a quality email list can bring to your business, I’m sure you’re wondering how to actually attract site visitors to sign up.

Let’s take a look.

What Does It Take to Build (and Maintain) a Quality Email List?

Consistent, Quality Thought Leadership to Attract Top-of-the-Funnel Leads

You might think you can start creating content after you’ve built up a list of email subscribers.

But that’s a classic example of putting the cart before the horse.

You see, people want a sample of the content they can expect from you if they subscribe.

(Think about it – would YOU sign up to a company’s email list without reading an article or two first?)

And your blog gives them just that.

Sure, your content might be the thing that lures people to visit your site, but it serves a bigger purpose, too:

It validates that joining your mailing list will be worth their time.

And that’s particularly important for home builders because email unsubscribe rates are the highest in the construction industry.

(image source)

That’s why you need to know what top-of-the-funnel leads want to see from the content shared via email marketing.

Here’s what your thought leadership content should focus on:


  • Identifying and validating the problem.


Customers in the “Awareness” stage of the customer journey are just beginning to recognize they have a problem in need of solving.

It’s your job to identify and validate that problem so that the prospect first finds your site, and second identifies your company as a resource who understands their business.


  • Introducing multiple solutions (including yours).


You don’t want to miss the opportunity to plug your product or solution, of course.

But don’t make the fatal mistake of suggesting it’s the only solution either.


Because 73 percent of the leads in your pipeline don’t qualify as “sales-ready” and early-stage leads are hyper-aware of being “sold” to through blog content.

Sharing the full scope of solutions builds trust that you understand their business and can help them find the right solution.


  • Moving leads down the sales funnel.


I’ll admit it’s tempting to try and close the deal as soon as you have a visitor on your website.

But the only goal of your top-of-the-funnel content should be to move them to the “Consideration” stage so they can get the insight they need to weigh your solution against the competition.

And that leads to the next factor in building a quality email list:

Valuable Lead Magnet Content (like eBooks and Whitepapers) to Catch the Eye of Sales-Ready Leads

Blog content and top-of-the-funnel thought leadership is a great way to start, but the best way to attract sales-ready leads to your mailing list is through true lead magnet content like ebooks and whitepapers.

As Russ Henneberry, Editorial Director at, writes:

“Blogs are fantastic facilitators of awareness, but they do a poor job of facilitating evaluation and conversion. And, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, evaluation and conversion are super critical to your business.”

That’s because content like ebooks case studies, and whitepapers dive deeper into your solution and the problem it solves, making solution comparisons simpler.

And that same valuable lead magnet content that draws leads further down your sales funnel can also attract people to your email list.  

Check out this example from the Hubspot marketing resource library:

Notice that the email is a required field and that the call-to-action to sign-up for emails ties directly into the the type of content covered in the ebook.

That way, someone downloading the ebook with an interest in social media marketing can effortlessly gain access to even more valuable content through your email list.

And that’s not all a good call-to-action can do.

Here’s a bit more on how your calls-to-action play a critical role in building a successful email list.

Creative Calls-to-Action That Draw Attention to Lead Magnet Content (and Only Require an Email Address)

I’m sure you know you need a way to actually attract those leads toward that content.

And that’s precisely what a creative call-to-action can do.

Check out the way Help Scout leverages their subscriber volume to entice visitors to sign up:

And that’s not the only great thing about this call-to-action – Help Scout is smart to only ask for an email address rather than planting a full lead capture form.

I’ll admit a quality lead requires more than just an email address, but you can always work on accumulating that information later on through lead magnet content.

If your goal is just to build a subscriber base, make the gateway to entry as simple as possible by only requesting an email address.

A Landing Page with Bulleted Benefits of Joining Your Mailing List (and an Active Subscriber Count)

On top of multiple CTAs across your website, it’s important to include a dedicated landing page just for your email list on your website.

That’s because some visitors might want to learn more about how frequently you’re sharing content and what they can expect to receive.

Chris Hexton explains a bit more on the Vero blog:

“Landing pages give you a central place to direct traffic, the chance to sell what your subscribers are going to get and the ability to use all of the juicy conversion optimisation strategies out there on the internet to maximize your conversion rates.”

Here’s a great example from

Like Help Scout, Copyblogger includes their active subscriber count at the top.

But they also take things a step further by titles of some of the content subscribers gain access to by signing up.

And notice that their lead capture form asks for more than an email – that’s okay on a page like this.

As long as you demonstrate the value of joining, along with an active count of your current subscribers, that hive mindset will help push people into completing a form with more fields.  

Time to Get Started

Growing your email list is no easy task, but these five tips will ensure you prepared your business to turn as many of your site visitors as possible into email subscribers.

That means more leads, more referrals and more revenue from your email marketing efforts.

Shalyn Dever

Shalyn is the Founder & Chief Growth Consultant at Chatter Buzz. An engineer recruited by Google, she loves solving the most complex business growth problems and utilizing technology as solutions. She loves amazing UI/UX, out of the box SEO tactics and forward thinking paid campaigns.

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