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"Done-For-You" Lead Generation

Chatter Buzz provides you an experienced data researcher, sales copywriter, and top-notch SDR team that aligns with your revenue goals to source unique lead data and scale sales pipelines. Fueled by powerful outbound strategies, we work together to drive your growth.

Our goal is to help b2b companies book more meetings every month without cold calling.


B2B Lead Generation Services by Chatter Buzz

What We Do

Looking for a reliable source for warm leads? Let our outbound team worry about bringing you interested leads so you can spend your time doing what matters: closing.

B2B Contact Data
Our dedicated data specialists will source & validate high-quality contact data that matches your ideal customer profile.
Cold Email Writing
With our cold email personalization service, there’s no excuse for NOT sending emails that make prospects book meetings. 
Outbound Automation
Predictable pipeline delivered by specialized SDRs & a personalized sales automation program.

Find Your Precise B2B Contacts

Our very own specialized research and quality-assurance teams work to identify, prioritize, and source contact data for your target accounts. Custom data sourcing allows you to bypass outdated and overused databases to find unique data points. We partner with your sales team for persona segmentation and outbound personalization.

You don’t need data from another database. We go record-by-record in record time to append and clean your prospect data and keep it fresh

Outbound SDR Services by Chatter Buzz
B2B Lead Generation Services by Chatter Buzz

Develop the Best Sales Copy

What can a seasoned cold email copywriter do for your business? Answer: Help you pull 300% more leads out of your current list.

But here’s the problem: A poorly-written message can back-fire and turn-off many would-be customers.

Happens every day. (Just check your spam folder.)

On the other hand, a well-written email sequence can get your dream prospects excited about your offer even if they’ve never heard of your company. Our seasoned sales copywriters will help you start conversations with your future customers in any market (as long as it’s a b2b sale).


Personalized Multi-channel Outreach at Scale

Our experienced Sales Development Reps (SDRs) work as your remote team to strategize, launch, and manage effective account-based outbound sales programs. We create unique outbound sales strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and book appointments directly to your calendar.

You focus on selling. We focus on sourcing contact data, engaging prospects with multi-channel sequences, and setting the appointments.

B2B Lead Generation Services by Chatter Buzz

Full-service agency to source, prospect, engage and set sales appointment


Who is this program ideal for?

Companies selling B2B technology or services with an average annual contract value of $10k – $100k who have successfully acquired at least a few clients within a target market.

Is an outbound sales program a good idea for my company?

Yes! Once you have developed an outbound sales process, you have a predictable, scalable growth channel for your business.

Rather than waiting for customers to come to you, outbound empowers you to pick your customers and reach out to them directly when you want. Since human one-on-one interaction is still the most impactful and influential sales outreach possible, outbound ultimately allows you to generate new qualified business quickly.

How do you research and source lead data?

Our Chatter Buzz lead specialists perform real-time searches to curate a list of your total addressable contacts. We aren’t restricted to what exists in databases; instead utilizing over 1000 data sources to find valid emails, phone numbers, and insights. You will never spend another minute scanning websites or paying for tools looking for contact information again.

What is the true savings of Chatter Buzz vs. doing it ourselves?

The annual cost to hire, train, and manage a single Sales Development Rep is about $150k annually. This determined by calculating salaries, technologies, manager salary, operational overhead, hiring and training costs.

In comparison, outsourcing to Chatter Buzz delivers more sales appointments while eliminating the costs of recruiting, onboarding, training, and retention. This has returned our clients an average 3x return-on-investment.

Is there a commitment for the program?

We only have a minimum of 3 months' commitment then after that, it is month to month.

Do you cold call on our behalf?

No, we do not. We have determined that most decision makers nowadays do not really want phone calls. In addition when comparing success rates, we did not see a big difference between a campaign with cold calls vs. our multi-channel approach (without calls).

Examples of a good fit for outbound sales services

1. 15-person enterprise SaaS company with average ARR of $60k/yr, 15+ current happy clients, VPs of Marketing, or CEO are the target decision-maker.

2. 10+ person software development company handling large development projects ($50 – 200k per project) and $2-5k/mo services retainers.

3. 20+ person mid-market SaaS company with average ARR of $10k/yr, 100+ clients, wanting to
1) Increase their sales pipeline without having to hire extra payrolls,
and 2) make a major change in their Salesforce instance.

4. 30+ person service company looking to provide more sales leads to their 3 field sales reps or account executives, with a contract size in the high six figures and they’ve never hired Sales Development Reps before!

Who should NOT use our service?

1. B2C companies.
2. Companies who are still trying to get their first five or ten customers (we know people who can help with this so contact us).
3. Companies who want outsourced deal-closing services.
4. Companies that sell to government or hospitals, international and deals that go through RFPs.
5. Companies whose target market is too small (contains less than 3000 total domestic US accounts).
6. Companies whose deal size or customer life-time value is too small (usually less than $10k ACV)

How do you collaborate with our team to schedule sales meetings?

Unlike competitors who outsource their customer service, Chatter Buzz is the only lead generation partner to provide dedicated outbound strategists. We become an embedded part of your sales team, with limited disruption to your daily workflow. We provide your Sales team calendar link to the prospects so they can schedule the meeting based on their availability or at times, we do it for them.

How do you work with companies?

We are extremely flexible.

1. At times we are brought in just for a few months so we can start and develop a strong outbound SDR process for the company. Then the company will eventually hire its own outbound SDRs.

2. We also work with clients who never wants to take in or hire outbound SDRs forever. So we are literally their lead generation arm for a long time.

What does the first 3 months look like?

1st month = Is full staff onboarding, setup & prospecting (sales copywriting, outreach strategy, prospecting research, etc)

2nd month = start of the outreach campaign and continue to research new B2B leads

3rd month = Evaluate lead responses, set appointments, continue to outreach and research new B2B leads

4th month = Evaluate analytics report, perform A/B tests, etc.

Do you include direct mail as part of your outreach?

Yes we can but this will be a bit more than our usual packages.