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Shalyn Dever

Co-Founder & Director of Technology

A co-founder of Chatter Buzz Media, Shalyn Dever has been working in technology and engineering since 2002. An engineer recruited by Google and a serial entrepreneur / investor , Shalyn has managed dynamic multi-million dollar programs for organizations such as Rockwell Collins, DRS Technologies, PCA, Lockheed Martin and more.

Ashley Cisneros Mejia

Co-Founder & Director of Communications

Ashley Cisneros Mejia is a journalist, social media strategist and co-founder of Chatter Buzz Media. A former newspaper reporter, magazine editor, technical writer, marketing and PR practitioner, her work has appeared in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times, among other publications. The Orlando Business Journal named Ashley one of Orlando’s 40 Under 40 and a finalist in its “Women to Watch” category of its Women Who Mean Business awards.

Dianna Romaguera

Director of Integrated Marketing

Dianna is Chatter Buzz's marketing guru. Her extensive marketing experience allows her to know what a client wants and needs before the client does. She is a valuable asset to our marketing department by encouraging Chatter Buzz to think outside the box.

Angela Cotto

Business Controller

Nanci Schwartz

PR and Communications Consultant

Nanci Schwartz is a long-time contributor to Chatter Buzz Media. She is a 25+ year communications professional who has worked within a variety of industries including construction, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, non-profit, medical and transportation. Nanci graduated from the University of Florida and began an her career as a news reporter and producer.

Rod Colón

Business Consultant

Rod Colón is a motivational speaker, author, career coach, and radio host. With almost over 30 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider and outside agency recruiter, Rod is expertly qualified to both coach and consult today’s professionals and executives around the world. With Rod by your side, you will increase the size of your professional network.

Erika Espitia

Media Buyer / Events Coordinator

Donna Raphael

Technical Project Lead

Donna Raphael is originally from The Commonwealth of Dominica, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. With a BA in Web Development and Music Engineering - her social and technical skills cannot be matched.

Brianna Entler

Senior Content Writer and Editor

Brianna is a Senior Content Writer and Editor for Chatter Buzz Media, working with clients and our in-house writers to ensure the production of timely and credible content.

Sandy Tseng

Graphic Designer

Kevin Jusino

Social Media Coordinator

Kevin Jusino is the Social Media Coordinator for Chatter Buzz Media. He works with clients to boost their brand awareness, create and curate content relevant to their audience, build engagement and generate potential leads through social media.

Kristina Drake

PR Coordinator

Danielle Walker

Content Writer

Danielle Walker is a Public Relations Coordinator at Chatter Buzz Media. Danielle graduated from UCF with a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and a minor in Marketing. When it comes to publicity and getting brand awareness, she is our to go to gal!

Nicole Knox

Content Writer

Cherry Tan

Graphic Designer

Cherry is a long-time contributor to Chatter Buzz's graphic design team. She has a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern graphics, and always has an eye on the latest trends.

Dhugal Gardner

Content Marketer

Dhugal is a Content Marketer at Chatter Buzz Media. He produces content and marketing collateral, and makes sure our blog is running smoothly.

Ken Villanueva

Senior PHP Developer

Ken has been with Chatter Buzz since its inception and has developed multiple websites for our clients. With over 10 years experience in developing custom PHP applications, static and responsive Wordpress sites and ecommerce applications, he makes our client's vision a reality.

Dalton Mattox

SEO/SEM Specialist

One of Chatter Buzz's SEO specialists, Dalton drives online traffic towards our clients' websites by applying his insights from analyzing web traffic and search engine trends.

Andrew Abreu

SEO / SEM Coordinator

Andrew Abreu is Chatter Buzz Media's SEO specialist. He is currently pursuing a degree in communications from the University of Central and has a strong background in video production. Drew is constantly analyzing the latest search engine algorithms to keep Chatter Buzz on top of its game.

Corey Wallace


Dawn Hosie

Graphic Designer

Dawn Hosie is an award-winning Digital and Print Designer who specializes in simplicity and clean visual communication.

Jessica Lane

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jessica is one of our digital marketing consultants at Chatter Buzz Media. Her previous experience in the healthcare industry helps Chatter Buzz to diversify their client base.

Jerry Juska

Advertising Strategist Consultant

Patrick Villanueva

Web / PHP Developer

Patrick is a PHP and website developer for Chatter Buzz Media. He has extensive experience in custom PHP applications, static and responsive Wordpress sites and ecommerce applications. His expertise allows Chatter Buzz to stay at the forefront of website development.


Chatter Buzz Mascot

Yogi is a purebred pug and has been a part of the Chatter Buzz team since the company’s inception. She is an even-tempered employee whose playful personality and loving disposition secured her the position on staff.