Public Relations Consulting


Relationships and open communications remain the foundation of the PR industry, but now they are being fostered through social networks, websites, self-published content (i.e. blogs, status updates, videos, case studies, eBooks), mobile apps and the media (mainstream and social).

Public Relations reaches and influences every audience that is relevant to your organization, and goes far beyond traditional media relations and publicity. Public Relations is the most economical route to reaching a wide variety of audiences while garnering awareness and publicity in order to build credibility and create a demand for your company’s products and or services.

Through Public Relations, we utilize press releases and news stories in order to inform the public about a company brand’s expertise.  As a result, the firm reaps the benefits of appearing stronger as well as more dynamic, organized and in control of their performance and image.

Within Orlando Public Relations, we offer our services in the forms of media relations, communications plans, optimized news releases, media database development, editorial calendars, and more!

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Promote Your Products Through Media Relations

Orlando Public Relations ConsultingPromotion of products through publicity and delivering sales messages to target audiences in innovative and creative manners, skillfully nurturing relationships with the media to produce newsworthy and client appealing stories.

Target Specific Audiences With The Right Communication!

Orlando Public Relations Consulting Includes an executive summary with a problem statement, research and situation analysis, program goals and target audience along with an implementation plan with communication strategies, tactics, and proposed channels of communication for each audience as well as an evaluation plan of proposed ways to determine success or failure.

Target Audiences With Optimized News Releases

Orlando Public Relations Consulting Offer ample content to search engines so they will rank well in the results, gearing news releases toward a particular audience allows for easier discovery of content which is beneficial to the communication of news and attraction of traffic to corporate pages.

Keep in Contact with Targeted Media Contacts

Orlando Public Relations ConsultingDevelopment of a concrete list of media contacts which includes all of the information necessary for reaching those contacts simply and efficiently.

Keep Your Publications Up to Date

Orlando Public Relations Consulting Controls publication of content across different media and can be used to attract advertisers as well.