5 Top Real Estate Marketing Tactics You Need in 2017

There was a time when a prominent downtown office was all a real estate agent needed to attract prospective sellers and buyers searching for their dream home. Those days are over. With 80% of today’s homebuyers* looking for a new home online, an agent’s online presence is already the best way to close new sales. [...]

#ThrowbackThursday- Myspace and Rebranding

We’re taking it back this week for a fun #ThrowbackThursday. More often than not, companies will go through a rebranding stage because they’ve decided to take their company in a new direction. However, sometimes that rebrand doesn’t do the company justice and their business suffers. When Facebook took over, Myspace became a victim of the [...]

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Social Media Tactics for Law Firms

Though social media has solidified its place in almost everyone’s everyday life, the debate over law firms’ appropriate use of social networking platforms has yet to be settled. Security concerns along with the potential for confidentiality breaches and damage to a law firm’s brand call into question the value of engaging in social media marketing [...]

#FeministFriday- Why You Need to be Socially Aware

It’s important to be socially aware in today’s world. You never know who is going to see what you’re putting out there or who you’re going to offend. With the media putting social blunders on full display and social media making them viral, there’s no way to take it back once it’s done. Print is [...]

Following Bar Statutes and Digital Advertising

  Legal marketing practices, whether traditional or online, are strictly regulated by both the American Bar Association and Florida Bar Association. These rules are designed to help attorneys follow national and local statutes, increase public access to law firms and provide critical legal information in a fair and non-predatory manner.   The Florida Bar Association [...]

How to best handle Internet Trolling

Dealing with Internet Trolling When you put anything out into the public domain, you run the risk of being publicly criticized. And the Internet is no different. If you are regularly publishing content there will almost certainly be someone who disagrees with you at some stage. And among those people, there will almost certainly be [...]

Introduction to Digital Legal Marketing

Beyond Traditional Media for your Law Firm If the Buggles’ classic hit “Video Killed the Radio Star” were written today, it would be more along the lines of the Internet killed the TV, print and radio star. The recent ubiquity of the Internet and its counterpart digital marketing has changed the game for law firms [...]

Moments – Facebook’s Latest App

It was recently announced that Facebook has released a new app called Moments. What exactly is Moments? Is it a sharing app? Is it a new advancement in AI technology? Is it really necessary? Yes to all the above. Moments is Facebook’s new app that scans all the photos on your computer, stores them as [...]

11 Facts You Must Know for Social Media Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do social media users interact on the most popular platforms like Instagram or Twitter? It may depend on where you live. In honor of Social Media Day 2015, a global celebration on June 30, we've compiled facts on social media behavior in different countries. Now more than ever, our world connects to multiple social media [...]

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Are Local Reviews Hurting Your Healthcare Business?

In the age of information, consumers rely on online reviews in order to make purchasing decisions. Healthcare decisions are no exception. In order to determine the reputation of potential healthcare providers, patients look at online reviews to ensure their doctor is not only the best qualified but also provides an excellent bed-side manner. The better [...]