Without good and properly setup analytics, 97% of online marketing campaigns fail.

Web Analytics Consulting


Our team is experienced in setting up and decoding Analytics, encouraging visitors to take action, optimizing sites to rank in search results and setting you up for future success.

Analytics tracking is the biggest influencer of digital marketing success. From click-to-close, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, model and predict their behavior. More often than not, the information provided by site analytics determines whether a digital marketing campaign is a winner or a waste of money.


Anything on your website can be tracked and should be tracked. You never know when a certain site element will turn out to be a gold mine!

At Chatter Buzz, we track every interactive web element—including forms, video plays, buttons, dynamic phone numbers, pdf downloads, checkouts and just about anything else—on our clients’ sites as an analytics event. This allows us to see exactly how visitors are interacting with the site.

Putting event tracking in place allows us to define how elements contribute to the conversion process and set up site interaction goals that drive ROI.

Events Analytics Dashboard
website analytics consulting


One great way to visualize how a visitor is interacting with a site is through click, video or heat maps. These tools provide great insight into how users respond to different aspects of your page.

By tracking how visitors interact with your site, you can learn a lot about why site elements succeed or fail. strategy, we are able to design and run tests that dramatically improve your bottom line.

That’s essential when you’re looking for specific behavior. Like when someone reaches out with a support ticket or you need to find a recording of a bug.


Website analytics provides a lot of important information about a website. Unfortunately, filtering through your data without the right reporting setup is a painful process.

To make things easier, we setup and provide our clients with dashboards that make measuring the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns simple. Having simple and accurate data removes the emotion from the decision making process on how to best allocate your online marketing budget for the best ROI.

Web Analytics Consulting by Chatter Buzz Through Google Data Studio

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