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Chatter Buzz Orlando Video Production Services

With offices in Orlando, Tampa, and New York, we are a video marketing agency servicing the top brands across the country. Whether it’s for a passionate interview or your upcoming product line, we’ll show your company in stunning detail with proven solutions.

Corporate Video Production ServicesBusiness Introduction Videos

Introduce your business with a comprehensive intro video– also known as homepage videos, cornerstone videos, or overview videos. Capture your brand with professional video.

Amazon Product VideosProduct Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos have been around in one form or another since the 1960s, and they remain one of the most effective tools in online sales today. Develop video that captures your products correctly.

Video Marketing AgencyVideo Interviews

Showcase your expertise and excellent service through the authority that only comes from video interviews. Chatter Buzz delivers ultra high-quality results that will keep your customers buzzing about you.

Orlando Video ProductionVideo Testimonials

Showcase your expertise and excellent service through the authority that only comes from video interviews. Chatter Buzz delivers ultra high-quality results that will keep your customers buzzing about you.

Amazon Product VideosProduct Overview Videos

Communicate the value and understanding of your product with authority in an engaging and preferred format. Over 55% of consumers say they pay more attention to video than images or text.

Web Video ProductionAnimated Videos

It’s possible to unravel complex information in an easily digest-able format using animation and visual queues that are otherwise difficult to convey, such as technical knowledge or product specifications.

Marketing with VideoVox Pops

Also known as ‘man on the street’ or street interviews, ‘Vox Pops’ stands for ‘word of the people.’ Showcase honest feedback about your company and products in this news segment stylized video type.

Orlando Video ProductionExplainer Videos

Cut through the chatter with a summary video, unlike any of your competitors. Explainer Videos create an inviting format for mundane information and are especially striking in eCommerce, Technology, and Healthcare.

Corporate Video Production ServicesBranded Videos

Branded Video Content shows your business in the background during non-promotional context. Built to generate brand awareness, clever use of this strategy drives high-converting traffic looking for you rather than just your product.

Video ServicesWhiteboard Video Narratives

Whiteboard videos illustrate your message while educating your client in a faster and more exciting way than other formats and are shown to be six times more likely to be shared with others.

Orlando Video ProductionVideo Commercials

We create persuasive video advertisements to drive interest and excitement for your product or service, built and ready for social media advertising, Youtube, and Google Ads.

Video Content MarketingSocial Media Videos

We generate eye-catching social media videos to create brand awareness and get you more leads. Videos are the most shareable form of content being 1200% more effective than images or text.

Better Video Results Built For Your Digital Strategy

We Develop Your Videos To Produce Success

Video is one of the most desired marketing tools– customers want more video and businesses like you want to give it to them.

That’s why we are a video marketing agency that integrates our web video production into your digital strategy to enhance your lead generation and brand awareness. Not only has video shown to be one of the most efficient ways to get customers’ attention, but studies regularly show that everyone prefers video over text more than 3 to 1.

We base our strategies on real data to deliver you quality Solutions.

Improve Your ROI with Stunning Designs and Distribution

Custom Videos Built For Your Brand That Communicates Your Company’s Voice

Video converts viewers into sales better than any other form of media. Not only does this end up in more sales, but because it’s so readily shareable, it develops Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM) naturally.

Our experts work on your video using the fundamentals of high caliber video marketing:

  • Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Design
  • Color Correction
  • Creative Thinking
  • Distribution Strategy

We’ve built video strategies across a wide variety of industries utilizing quality cinematic production technology and expertise.

yellow Jack Media

Chatter Buzz is a fantastic company to work with. As a fellow digital marketer thier reporting, stratagies and overall experience is one of the best in Orlando. If I had a business and needed to outsource, this is the marketing company I would choose and trust with my own projects.

Jonathan Alonso

Jonathan Alonso, Owner, Yellow Jack Media

Our Simple Process

No Nebulous Timelines and Crystal Clear Reporting

When you need an online video for your business, we use the best process to get it done.


It begins by meeting and gathering information to use for maintaining your brand alignment.


We go beyond just setting shooting schedules and build with distribution channels and buyer personas in mind.


The nuts and bolts of the operation are taken care of.

Edit & Optimize

We distribute the video and maximize its effectiveness by using SEO and social media sharing tactics.


Once the video has been launched we gather and calculate the data for ROI and how to improve the next video

Amazon Product Videos

Ecommerce Solutions For Any Platform or Website

Once you’ve solidified your SEO and Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the top goals of any eCommerce business.

Product videos, especially Amazon product videos, are an easy way to grow conversions and generate repeat sales rapidly.

Empower Your Email Marketing With Video to Double Your Returns

By pairing instructional videos (and related Amazon product videos) in post-sale emails and video testimonials as part of abandoned cart emails, Hubspot found a 97% increase in email conversions.

Combining Amazon product videos with these tools can turn your eCommerce business into a marketing juggernaut.

How Important Could Video Marketing Strategies Really Be?

Get ready for this mind-blowing statistic: 80% of all mobile traffic is from video. Not long ago, mobile traffic became more than 60% of all digital traffic. Meanwhile, that 80% of traffic by volume didn’t budge an inch. Even crazier, the amount of mobile video consumption increases by 100% year over year.

Not investing in video today is paramount to corporate sabotage

Video remains the winning favorite across every age demographic. Customers want to know what the product or service looks like, how it works, and what it’s made of. Nothing quite captures that detail like video. Work with a video marketing agency that does it best.

Video Content Marketing Chatter Buzz Media

Leverage Video Content Marketing To Dominate Search Results

Video Marketing is also the most effective tool for SEO

While video content marketing can jumpstart your brand in Social Media, and Amazon product videos provide higher returns on the platform, nothing compares to its efficacy for SEO.

Today, videos appear in over half of the results on Google. Bing and other search platforms have followed suit– with that number expected to reach 90% in just the next three years. Establishing videos in your SEO strategy means controlling more than one of the top spots on the page, netting you even more leads than ever before.

Video marketing makes every corner of digital marketing better. Why not start right now?

Video Marketing FAQ's

How Do I Get Started in Video Marketing?

All you need is to tell us three things:
* what kind of video you're interested in making
* what is the subject of the video
* and what goal you have in mind

For example, are you looking to make a video for brand awareness? Do you plan to release a video with a new product? Or maybe you want a video to showcase your top service for more conversions?

The Answer depends on the context.

Whatever the case may be, we'll create a beautiful video that brings in the most possible leads.

How Long Should My Video Be?

That depends entirely on the goal and the subject. Interviews are typically longer, ranging from five minutes to over half an hour. Meanwhile, branded videos usually last anywhere from ten seconds to ten minutes.

Before you decide on how long you should make your video, talk with our strategists. We'll help you find the right length for the marketing channel you're looking to use, and how to present it.

Why Use Video In Social Media?

Video is the most enjoyable, engaging medium there is. Not only has video consumption been on the rise over the past decade, but the effectiveness of video marketing has risen with it. With the advent of new mobile internet technologies and advances in smart devices, it's easier to consume video in any context or location.

If that wasn't enough, regular studies from digital marketing groups have shown video to get more conversions than any other format. Why wouldn't you capitalize on that?

What Are The Different Types of Marketing Videos?

Every video type has a purpose. When using video content marketing, these are the major types of video:
- Social Media Videos
- Explainer Videos
- Video Interviews
- Video Testimonials
- Vox Pops (man-on-the-street interviews)
- Product Videos
- Branded Videos
- Commercial Videos
- Animated Videos

You don't have to have a video type in mind before you begin-- we can help you pick the best option to meet your goals. When you're ready to decide, give us a call.

What’s Involved in Getting Started?

You can partner up with Chatter Buzz today for any new video or as part of your ongoing package. The first step is meeting with our strategists to use the best format, length, and channels to spread your marketing message.

Then, we write a script and confirm the details with you. After that, we shoot and edit the video. In the last stage, we optimize and deliver your video to get the most leads for your business.

What Video Marketing Strategy Should I Use?

Your strategy depends entirely on your market, your product, and your target audience. When working with Chatter Buzz, we'll research your buyer persona and help form a plan on which strategy is best for you.

However, there are some general rules for specific industries:
ECommerce companies generally do better with product videos and branded video strategies.
Home Construction Companies typically outperform using videos in emails and social media videos.
You can find B2B companies thrive when using whiteboard videos and explainer interviews as part of their social media.

Every industry has a specific twist to what works best for them, but to make them more productive, you need to know your audience. Schedule a meeting with one of our strategists today, and together we'll find the best marketing solution.


Chatter Buzz did an amazing job working with my firm and developing a concept and design for my website and social media. They are very professional and can address all your marketing needs. I am extremely happy with the final product they provided.


Rudez Law, Founder, Rudez Law Firm