Whole Health JC

Website Re-Fresh and Strategic SEO Boost Organic Visits by 637%


Located in Jefferson City, Missouri, Whole Health JC uses integrative medicine to treat its patients. The practice requires traditional allopathic medical training that combines not only holistic and alternative medicine tools, but also medical knowledge and medicine from many other medical training programs, some of which are chiropractic, Ayurvedic, and Eastern medicine.

Whole Health JC offers IV Nutrient Therapy, individualized hormone replacement therapy for both men & women, aesthetic medicine, gynecology and female health, as well as other medical services.



Whole Health JC is a small clinic that approached Chatter Buzz to help them with their digital presence so they could attract customers in Jefferson City, Columbia, and St. Louis, Missouri.



To help Whole Health JC build awareness and attract new customers, our Chatter Buzz team implemented a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to increase conversions and boost their ranking.

This SEO campaign guides users to Whole Health JC’s brand new, semi-custom express website designed by Chatter Buzz with conversion in mind. Our team took the content on Whole Health JC’s previous website and transformed it into strong, sales-driven copy designed to convert. Chatter Buzz then optimized the new website to attract customers seeking their medical services, which has played a huge role in Whole Health JC’s recent success.




One pain point that Chatter Buzz recognized immediately was that Whole Health JC desperately needed a new website. Their previous website lacked quality content, keywords, and a positive user experience. Chatter Buzz created Whole Health JC a brand new, fast-loading WordPress website. The site is SEO-friendly and content-rich to ensure that their mission and services are accurately and effectively conveyed to the appropriate audience.


Chatter Buzz improved the on-page optimization of Whole Health JC’s brand-new website through several campaigns. One campaign that we implemented was keyword optimization. We conducted keyword research to make sure we were getting the best cost per lead with the keywords we used. We then went through all of their current web pages and content and made sure that the keywords on each page aligned with the needs of their audience.

One of our most effective campaigns was for their Hormone Therapy services. We improved their optimization rate by creating well-written content and schema for their hormone therapy services. This initiative landed Whole Health JC on the “people also ask” section for hormone therapy questions nationally for four months! The content performed well because we were able to optimize it at the perfect level and spread the content by promoting it through influencers. These pages had a high click-through rate (CTR), which is what led Google to feature the content.


Our team worked to optimize Whole Health JC’s website by improving its website speed and adding schema, which is the organizational code that Google looks for to make sense of things.
We also created content such as Google My Business posts and blogs, which we then promoted with an influencer network.
Chatter Buzz also developed a backlinking campaign that helped Whole Health JC rank higher in search results.


Chatter Buzz also implemented local SEO strategies to attract more website visitors and garner interest in the company. These strategies ultimately amassed more customer reviews for Whole Health JC, thus building credibility. We also amplified their link-building campaign to compete with their competitors.

Furthermore, Chatter Buzz initiated a strategy to develop as much quality content as possible, including client videos and long-form blog posts that are around 2,000 words each.

We posted on Whole Health JC’s Google My Business (GMB) page multiple times each week, and we optimized their GMB monthly to ensure that it was up-to-date and well-performing. We also implemented a citation campaign that improved their Google My Business profile and search engine ranking.

Finally, we also created a Google Map Point Citations campaign that helped increase the area of effect for GMB locations. These strategies have been a key factor in Whole Health JC’s SEO-driven success.


Chatter Buzz increased organic new user sessions by 637.83% (4,245 to 31,321) in just one year.

With the traffic increase, goal completions skyrocketed by 141.08%.


Increased Organic


Increased In
Web Leads

The team at Chatter Buzz led by Shalyn is amazing. They are totally quick at responding to our questions and needs. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new website. Since our new website went live, we have had an immediate increase in interest in our services! We highly recommend them to design and manage your new business website because they are top-notch and will totally make you beat your competition.

Dr Jennifer Su Lucio | Whole Health JC | Jefferson City MO Gynecologist

Dr. Jennifer Su Lucio, Owner, Whole Healh JC