How a new website elevated Rudez Law's brand


Rudez PL is a law firm run by attorney Daniel Rudez, who started the firm in 2010 when he saw a void in the community when it came to affordable and efficient legal services. He envisioned a firm that would treat every client and case with the utmost importance.



Attorney Rudez approached Chatter Buzz in need of a new website for his law practice. He wanted Chatter Buzz to design a website for him from scratch, and he also wanted a site that was unique and that stood out from what his competitors had.

The Chatter Buzz team’s key services for Attorney Rudez were web development and Branding.



Law is a very competitive field, and there are a lot of new, young aspiring attorneys just starting their own practice who are competing against seasoned veterans and large law firms. In order to appeal to an international audience, the Chatter Buzz team understood that Attorney Rudez’s website and its content needed to appeal to a wide range of individuals. The Chatter Buzz team identified the need to develop a user-friendly website that was easy to navigate, but one that would also add human appeal, and give his site’s viewers a sense of who Daniel Rudez is. We also decided to create informational content pieces that complemented the work he does.


Custom Web Development: No Cookie-Cutter Design

Before starting the website design process, the Chatter Buzz team first researched the competition in the Greater Orlando area to fully understand the legal landscape that Rudez was operating in. We found that many of his competitors’ branding and websites lacked concerted design and human appeal.

To accommodate those who are not proficient in English, a language selector tool was incorporated into the website, resulting in a user-friendly interface that offered a more universal appeal. The purpose of the website was to create a cohesive look, feel, and message that matched Rudez’s mission and vision.

Branding and Identity Development

To attract a broad audience, Chatter Buzz explored various logos, typefaces, and website designs that conveyed empathy and inspired confidence in Attorney Rudez.

We researched the cultural background of Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians—a significant target market—to determine ways to appeal to them as well (Attorney Rudez’s family is originally from Hungary). Our design team laid out the framework for his brand, which allowed both the website and marketing materials to be produced in a consistent manner.


Using the new brand look and feel, the Chatter Buzz design team created various marketing materials to complement his website. The color blue was chosen as the primary color to create a therapeutic ambiance. Furthermore, since blue is not a common color in countries’ flags, it is considered neutral and appeals to audiences across borders. Next, a logotype was chosen to establish a judicial feel.

At the end of the day, we were able to give Attorney Rudez a unique, user-friendly, and appealing website that incorporated SEO and branding to help him attract new clients.