Forging advocacy to brand unity


The National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) was established in 1977 as a network for exchanging information and best practices among medical and healthcare administrators.

The NRAA continues to support hospital-based dialysis providers through ongoing educational opportunities and lobbying efforts.



NRAA approached Chatter Buzz with the goal of creating a contemporary, unified brand, increase new memberships and improve current membership engagement.



In order to create a consistent and recognizable brand, we completed an in-depth review of NRAA’s existing collateral and organizational goals. We found that their existing collateral lacked a unified theme and was not consistent in its messaging.

As part of our integrated marketing approach, Chatter Buzz developed a full-blown branding and digital marketing plan to address the challenges they faced.



Designed to increase NRAA membership, a Stand Strong With Us campaign was launched to highlight the many benefits of joining the association. The landing page was designed to highlight the campaign’s key communication points, including member benefits, testimonials and membership information.

Also, clear calls-to-action served to drive visitors to complete their online contact forms. The campaign landing page was shared on the homepage, through follow-up emails to webinar attendees and across social media platforms.


To elevate NRAA’s presence as a primary educational resource, we branded each event to present a consistent image to both members and non-members. The NRAA also wanted to increase their visibility during their annual fall symposium, so they partnered with another leading industry leader, the Renal Physicians Association (RPA).

Chatter Buzz acted as the vendor relationship manager for the partnership and developed a marketing plan built around the symposium. This plan included website banners, e-newsletter and print ads, e-blasts, social media postings, articles posted on LinkedIn Pulse, and press releases.


To further boost their brand awareness and engagement, we created multiple content assets for the organization such as infographics, press releases, articles, social posts that were distributed across various channels. From providing unique content to crafting an appealing design, the Chatter Buzz team ensured that each content was aligned with, and would fully promote NRAA’s brand message.

This not only helped support their goal of increasing their visibility but also assisted in gaining recognition among NRAA’s key audience.


Chatter Buzz’s efforts to raise NRAA’s brand visibility was a clear success.  The organization experienced a 24 percent increase in membership within two quarters.

The Stand Strong With Us campaign’s landing page experienced a 7.12 percent conversion rate since its launch in mid-April 2015. In addition, NRAA’s MD Symposium has experienced a continued upsurge in attendance year-over-year.

The content strategy developed by Chatter Buzz continues to reach leading members of the dialysis and nephrology community. Both NRAA and RSE have seen consistent gains across their social media channels from followers, engagement and website visits.


Increase in New Members


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