Student Applications Increase 219% For This School


Chatter Buzz client in the Education Vertical offers the same undergraduate and graduate degrees, professors, and coursework as their on-campus university counterpart.

The Online University’s proprietary eLearning platform allows students to interact with faculty, learning materials, and resources in a way that matches all the benefits of a traditional classroom setting.



The University was a relatively early adopter of Pay per Click (PPC) search engine marketing. At first, the organization managed their PPC campaigns in-house with some assistance from another agency. Over time, however, the online education space became much more competitive, and they eventually decided it needed help from an outside firm that specialized in Paid Search and CRO.



Chatter Buzz conducted an in-depth study of both the Online University and the online education vertical as a whole. The team found that over the course of the Online University’s existence, not only had more learning institutions begun to offer their curricula via the web, but these schools had increasingly started using PPC marketing. Chatter Buzz concluded that in this environment it would be necessary to enact a novel approach to Paid Search marketing to continue to cost-effectively drive leads.

We implemented multiple paid media mediums to keep CPC and CPL at a minimum considering Google cost is very significant.



Throught out the whole campaign, Chatter Buzz utilized multiple landing page designs and copy to improve conversion rate. We implemented numerous A/B testing schemas such as button colors, CTA positions and copy.


Based on our understanding and paid search process, Chatter Buzz built a number of different PPC campaigns centered primarily on geography. The strategies were broken down by geographies:

  • Within close proximity to the campus location: Chatter Buzz created ads that included the brand name, so as to maximize the benefit of the brand identity in these areas.
  • Outside the campus location: Chatter Buzz emphasized the school’s awards and accreditations in the copy instead of highlighting the institution’s name.

Through extensive testing, Chatter Buzz continually refined its knowledge of which words drove qualified potential applicants to click through and fill out applications.

At the same time, because of the increased likelihood of residents that resided closest to the University campus to apply to the online program, Chatter Buzz strategically bid more for competitive search terms in those areas.

In more distant regions where the school was less well known and conversion rates were lower, Chatter Buzz bid less. Consequently, Chatter Buzz drove broad visibility in high converting regions, while maintaining a cost-effective CPA in the lower converting regions.


Chatter Buzz approach exceeded our client’s paid campaign goals. There was a profound growth in student application under Chatter Buzz management. Not only was Chatter Buzz able to drive an increase of the program’s conversions by 219% over the course of three years, but the Chatter Buzz team also maintained a CPA well below their Client’s goal.

In addition to increasing enrollments, the University has also been able to repurpose its in-house resources to drive profitability and development outside the paid search sphere. As a testament to the campaign’s success, the client has consistently allocated additional marketing budget to paid search campaigns, allowing Chatter Buzz to develop, test, and enact a wide range of additional new approaches.


Increase in Student Enrollments


Decrease on CPA


Improvement on MQLs

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