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Top Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers make the www go round. On the job and off the clock, we all need browsers to surf the web and visit important (or completely unimportant and time-wasting) websites online.

Many people stick to their preferred browser and swear by it, while others use an assortment of browsers for various reasons. For instance, web developers need multiple browsers for testing websites, SEO professionals might keep one browser specifically for SEO purposes with several toolbars and extensions installed, gamers who need speed and performance with no bells or whistles, might keep a scaled-down browser with no add-ons and extensions, and so on.

For this piece I checked Google Analytics to find the top 10 browsers people are using to visit Chatter Buzz The 5 main (desktop) browsers our visitors are using to visit Chatter Buzz Media are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Android’s browser and variants of each one round out the top 10.


Google Chrome Logo_Google Chrome Download_Internet Browsers_Chatter Buzz Media_Orlando Internet Marketing

Chrome Pros

  • Fast – won 5 of 7 speed tests
    performed by Lifehacker
  • Vast collection of extensions that install without restarting
  • Saves bookmarks and passwords for use on other devices
    • Potential con if you don’t log out, be careful!
    • Translates foreign languages quickly
    • Most popular browser –

      of the market according to

Chrome Cons

  • Memory Hog – limit the number open browser tabs
  • Clicking downloadable files will download them automatically by default.

    this tutorial

    to change that setting.
  • Privacy – Sends personal info to Google by default.

    Change your privacy here

Right Click Links to Download Google Chrome

Safari Logo_Safari Download_Internet Browsers_Chatter Buzz Media_Orlando Internet Marketing

Safari Pros

  • Customizable through extensions, including Facebook Photo Zoom
  • “Reading list” for quick bookmarking
  • Impressive layout for new tabs, includes 12 customizable panels with bookmarks to your most visited sites, and a visual history timeline

Safari Cons

  • Crashes and freezes frequently without maintenance, be prepared to clear cache and history frequentlyMay refresh all browser tabs, erasing unsaved data, and causing users to log back in to websites. Fix that with these steps
  • Font size changes, inconsistent across websites

Click Links to Download Safari

Firefox Logo_Firefox Download_Internet Browsers_Chatter Buzz Media_Orlando Internet Marketing

Firefox Pros

  • Largest collection of add-ons, including Firebug, a powerful and easy to use web development tool.
  • Fast browsing with multiple tabs open
  • Better with Flash than Chrome

Firefox Cons

  • Slower start-up time
  • Must restart Firefox after installing add-ons
  • Known to have compatibility issues with some websites, web developers should test websites with other browsers first

Right Click to Download Firefox
Firefox Setup 20.0.1
Firefox 20.0.1.dmg

Internet Explorer Logo_Internet Explorer Download_Internet Browsers_Chatter Buzz Media_Orlando Internet Marketing

Internet Explorer Pros

  • New download manager in IE 9
  • It gives people the ability to browse the web and install other browsers

Internet Explorer Cons

  • Made for PCs but PC users prefer other browsers, should be the perfect choice
  • Too many versions for different versions of Windows, one size does not fit all
  • Not at the forefront of innovation; their latest features are usually borrowed from previous versions of other browsers.

Right Click to Download Internet Explorer
InternetExplorer523_For Mac.dmg
Click Link & Select Windows Version

Opera Logo_Opera Download_Internet Browsers_Chatter Buzz Media_Orlando Internet Marketing

Opera Pros

  • Speed Dial – The original new-tab window
  • Tabs have expandable previews with thumbnails
  • Opera “Turbo” compresses web pages for peak performance. Users with slower Internet connections see faster load times.
  • Customizable – extensions, keyboard shortcuts, turbo on/off

Opera Cons

  • Laggy – falls behind after 3 – 5 quick commands
  • Rather basic, needs customization to work as a performance/work browser

Click Links to Download Opera

5 Internet Browser Tips

  1. Read details about updates before updating, you may not need the update and it could affect performance of certain applications
  2. Always use extensions and add-ons to enhance performance
  3. Don’t stick with one, use a combination of browsers for work, home, and performance
  4. Export bookmarks into CVS files for use in other browsers
  5. Learn keyboard shortcuts, they save time and improve workflow

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