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Have you noticed your Facebook post reach plummeting on your business page? You can thank Facebook’s latest algorithm update for that. The social media giant is continuing to push businesses toward paid advertising and has been finding new ways to reduce page reach in order to push for it. As a business what are your options?

While you can try to play the game, exploring options outside of Facebook is likely your best bet. Here are 8 Facebook alternatives you should consider for your business. However, keep the audience of each platform in mind. Your business doesn’t need to be everywhere.


Twitter is a great platform for easy engagement. Use hashtags to signify topics and help get your tweets get found. Finding twitter chats relevant to your industry is a great way to get the word out about your products or services too. What is a twitter chat? Imagine a room full of people talking about one topic related to what you do! While twitter is another general platform, like Facebook, don’t expect your entire consumer base to be on the micro-blog. Messages in 140 characters or less are not for everyone.


Regardless of your industry, you’ll want to consider Google+ due to SEO benefits. Outside of that, there are many consumers using Google+. One of the best ways to find your followers is to join communities and be active in them! Comment, +1 and share your own content within industry related communities, in addition to your own page, to gain a following.


LinkedIn is considered the “Facebook for the professional.” It’s all about making professional connections, which makes it great for B2B’s and trade associations. There are multiple strategies to use here, which you use all depends on your business. You can reach out personally to prospects, create a company page and post updates or create a group to discuss issues related to your business and industry.


Video is continuously growing in both popularity and significance. Did you know that videos tend to show up higher in search results? Talk about SEO benefits! Find creative and interesting ways to fit your product into film. The Will It Blend Series worked well for Blendtec who wanted to show the bower of their blender by seeing if various products including iPhone’s, pool cues and paintballs would blend.


If your target audience is females and you’re not on Pinterest you’re missing out! The demographic on this platform is perfect for marketers: 68% female, average household income over $100,000 and 50% have children. The most popular topics on this platform include cooking, exercise, DIY, baby products, weddings, fashion, home décor and beauty. Consider how you can creatively fit your brand into these!


The photo-sharing platform has been growing in popularity, particularly among younger users. While other platforms use hashtags too, it’s typically recommended to not exceed one or two per post, but not on Instagram! In fact posts with 7 hashtags typically received the most engagement. Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant to you. Continuously using the same hashtags on your images will also help gain a following.

Snap Chat

This is the new “It Girl” of social media. This platform is also popular with younger users and is all about sharing quick photos or videos that disappear after a few seconds of viewing. Brands have actually found success with the quick share platform. Look at the goal of Snap Chat as showing your brands story not necessarily making a sale. That will come with the increased brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

This isn’t one platform in particular, but rather leveraging someone else’s social media following to influence buyers. Do your research and find popular bloggers who would enjoy your product. Do you own a restaurant? Invite a local foodie blogger to review it. Have a great travel product? Find a travel blogger and offer to give them one for free in exchange for a review and a few social media posts. Influencer marketing isn’t restricted to bloggers though. It can also be used with any one who has a large social media following on any platform.

New social media platforms are constantly being developed. Always keep an eye out for current trends and consider whether or not that platform attracts your audience. If you need help with your business’ social media strategy, Orlando digital marketing agency, Chatter Buzz Media, is always happy to help.

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