Small Business 101: Tips on Video Marketing with Facebook

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Orlando Social Media Company Running a business goes beyond the simple brick-and-mortar style. These days, it is important for businesses to connect with customers or clients on multiple channels – and to connect strategically. Ever since Facebook began tweaking their video format and providing “YouTube-like features,” their video viewership increased significantly (even beating YouTube). Facebook revealed that users watch an average of more than 1 billion videos per day on Facebook. Why? Because users “like” and “share” these videos and they pop up in their friends’ news feeds. Clearly, video marketing is the way to go. However, it’s more than just uploading a video and expecting to see immediate results. You need a strategy behind it to help your business gain a mass following. Here are some tips on creating an effective video for your small business using Facebook:

Tip #1: Know Your Audience

Who are your customers? Who do you want to attract on Facebook? What kind of videos would attract your given audience? Say you own a boutique clothing store and want women in their 20s or 30s shopping at your store. Using a little light humor or displaying some of your unique clothing might pique their interest whereas if you’re a law firm, you may want to take a more serious approach. Orlando Social Media Company

Tip #2: Keep it Entertaining

Regardless of who your audience is, the content should always be entertaining on some level. Users don’t go on Facebook for hard sales or deep thoughts. Most users will give you about 5-10 seconds to catch their attention. Videos on Facebook now automatically begin playing without sound when viewing them in your newsfeed, making it more crucial than ever to grab the viewer’s attention (even without sound)! Keep it informative but also make sure your video doesn’t put them to sleep.

Tip #3: Think Strategically

Don’t just post to post. Think about the message, content and means of communication. Everything you post whether it be a written message or a video should convey some message or call to action. Keep in mind that your Facebook audience would rather watch a video online than read text so try to create or post more visual content.

Tip #4: Timing is Everything

Follow the KISS standard: Keep It Short and Simple! No one will want to sit through a 30-minute video on your business. While it may be smart and cost effective to film all subject matter for a promotion at once, keep in mind the amount of time you’re using. Focus on your topic or message and try to keep your video under five minutes.

Tip #5: Consistency is Key

Make goals for running your social media. If you want to post a lot of videos, be sure to space them out and keep it consistent. You don’t want to overwhelm your followers or audience with five videos a week and you don’t have the time or means to do that. Space out your video content to once every week or two. Ask your audience for feedback, analyze which videos or links they liked. See a pattern between what they like and what they dislike? This will help in shaping future video posts. There are plenty of analytic tools to help monitor traffic on your Facebook page or website. Social media companies like Chatter Buzz Media can also help in meeting goals for engaging your audience on the web. Orlando Social Media Company

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