Pinterest for B2B: Get Your Name on the Corkboard!

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Pinterest Tips for B2B Companies

Pinterest can prove to be a powerful resource for B2B companies if they know how to use its tools to their advantage. With social media as prominent as it is in today’s market, Pinterest is one of a barrage of platforms that have risen to a medium that many companies cite as vital to their success as it is a referral source. According to a new survey released from SteelHouse, Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to purchase items they came across on Pinterest than Facebook users. Only 33 percent of those on Facebook admitted to purchasing a product or service they saw featured on Facebook whereas 59 percent of Pinterest participants said that they bought something as a result of seeing it first on Pinterest. Long story short – Pinterest is HOT, and businesses have taken notice.

Here are 4 tips for promoting your company on the pin market:

1. Imagery is key – The best pictures for businesses to post on Pinterest include:

•Product images

•Ebook covers

•Data charts

•Photos of your employees

•Pictures of customers (at events, using your products or services)

•Event images

•Infographics (attractive, useful, implementable)

•Video Testimonials (satisfied customers)

2. Be engaging – Social Media is not a place for traditional shout marketing. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all about building relationships and gaining a following. These relationships need to be nurtured once the bond has been made though. Your fan base has to feel special and unique in order to share, re-pin, like and comment on your pins. Social media provides the opportunity for companies to interact directly with their target audiences and engaging with them encourages their metamorphosis from follower to customer.

3. Build a Brand – Promote your company as a field by pinning industry related images. This endorses your business’s credibility by giving it a face to go with the name, a niche, a style, a work culture and a story to accompany your product or service that humanizes your business. For example, if you ran a boarding shelter for animals while their owners were out of town, you could pin images of dog houses, cat toys and treats, pictures of their happy families enjoying their vacation, and shots of your adorable, furry, clients themselves!

4. Give Back – It’s important to show what your company does to benefit the community. Whether you sponsor a little league team or participate in 5K marathons to fund cancer research, people love to know that you care, that you’re more than a machine solely interested in profit and that you’re a human being that uses their success to support those in need.

Happy Pinning!

Written by Lauren Polhill – Lauren is a content writer for Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Florida Social Media Company. She is currently a sophomore at Stetson University majoring in communication studies and minoring in journalism and marketing. Lauren is an aspiring writer living in Orlando

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